Bugs Galore!

by Karen Walch | Jan 03, 2022

Weird Insects
by Michael Worek

This book provides a sneak peak into the diverse and often hidden world of nature's strangest insects.

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Handle with Care: An Unusual Butterfly Journey
by Loree Griffin Burns

An explanation of the life cycle of butterflies gets an intriguing twist in this account of the work of a Costa Rican butterfly farm, where blue morpho butterflies are raised and the pupae eventually shipped to museums for display and observation.

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Everything Insects
by Carrie Gleason

This book introduces young readers to insects with more than 100 pictures, an explorer's corner with from-the-field anecdotes and tips, fun facts throughout, maps and infographics, an illustrated diagram, a photo gallery, cool comparisons, a behind-the-scenes photograph, an interactive glossary, and more.

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Honeybee : the busy life of Apis Mellifera
by Candace Fleming and Eric Rohmann

Rohmann's exquisitely detailed illustrations bring the great outdoors into your hands in this poetically written tribute to the hardworking honeybee.

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The Spider
by Elise Gravel

Part of a series of hilarious nonfiction about disgusting creatures, this book looks at the spider.

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The Beetle Book
by Steve Jenkins

Beetles squeak and beetles glow. Beetles stink, beetles sprint, beetles walk on water. With legs, antennae, horns, beautiful shells, knobs, and other oddities--what's not to like about beetles?

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