Explore the Emerald Isle

by Karen Walch | Mar 18, 2022

Documentaries about Ireland

Beauty of Ireland

Take a scenic tour of historic cities through the counties of Ireland.

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In Search of Ancient Ireland

A look at the history and legends of ancient Ireland. Beginning in 2000 B.C., when Stone Age farmers built some of the largest and most spectacular Neolithic monuments in Europe, to 1167 A.D, when the Norman invasion placed Ireland under English control.

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Visions of Ireland

Aerial views of Ireland with a soundtrack of traditional and modern Celtic music.

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The Story of Ireland

This documentary follows the evolution of Ireland through waves of migration and emigration and highlights the key moments of Irish history from the adoption of Christianity through the Protestant plantation, Great Famine and Partition to the Good Friday Agreement. Ireland is living through a significant period in its cycle of history, as since the 1998 Good Friday Agreement the island has been at peace.

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Passport to Europe. England, Ireland & Scotland

A thrilling combination of history and beauty, the United Kingdom is an irresistible travel destination. Join Samantha Brown for this complete tour, from the stirring sights of London to the poetry-inspiring English countryside, and much more.

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