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Happy 2021! The Davis County Commission has been considering a digital newsletter for a while, and it seems like a good time to start. Our goal is to share important, helpful, and fun information each month. The Davis County website has a lot of additional information, so we will provide links when it helps.

Covid-19 Vaccination
The Davis County Health Department has looked forward to vaccinations starting and has worked hard to be prepared. State officials have planned the prioritized rollout as quantities arrive, starting with healthcare workers and people in long-term care facilities, then first responders and educators, and eventually all adult populations will have the opportunity to receive a vaccine. The Davis County Health Department website has additional information about the vaccine.
A mass vaccination clinic opened on Tuesday December 28 in Davis County’s Legacy Events Center arena at the “old fairgrounds” located in Farmington, the county seat. We are fortunate to have a drive-through facility to expedite service and provide greater safety. This mass vaccination drive through clinic follows the State of Utah's tiered system regarding eligibility for vaccinations and utilizes an electronic appointment scheduling process.  
The 70+ tier became eligle to schedule vaccinations on Friday, January, 13. Davis County recieved 3,000 doses for a population of more than 25k. If you were unable to schedule an appointment this time and would like us to contact you when more appointments are available, please complete the form at this link.
By the way:  
When folks drive through, smile and thank the County staff, it means the world to them and gives some meaningful payback for very long hours, significant stress, and vacations missed during 2020. Thank you for your support!  
There is a cool story:  
Before anyone ever dreamed of a 2020 pandemic, current and former commissions tried to figure out how to support the horse and agricultural community and accommodate a large and growing demand for big events and sports that are not on a dirt floor. It was a dilemma. For many years, County staff hand-placed hard tiles for most uses and took them back up to expose dirt. It took around 100 man-hours for every single change.
In 2019, the decision was finally made to partner with Utah State Extension for both an indoor and an outdoor arena that will be an agricultural heritage center on their Kaysville property (underway in 2021.) The special dirt would be moved over there and the original arena floor would be cemented for all of the other uses.
When the pandemic disrupted normalcy in a presidential election year, officials realized that drive-through elections could take place, just in time, when the cement cured. The COVID-19 policy committee at Davis County discussed the possibility of drive-through vaccinations, and with collaboration from many departments, both of these visionary ideas came to fruition for Davis County citizens.


Library Visits  
Like other County services, all library visits are currently by appointment only. To schedule an appointment please call any library location. Davis County Library Locations
Davis County's 3rd Annual Community Resilience Symposium is now VIRTUAL and FREE
  • Could you, your family members, friends, neighbors, and coworkers use “Resilience Tips for Becoming Better After Experiencing the Bitter?” (Presenter Dr. Dave Schramm)
  • Are you interested in “Strengthening Individuals, Families, and Communities: From Awareness to Action” by Dr. Susan Madsen who was specifically asked to help Davis County work on violence prevention which starts in our own circle of influence;
  • And no doubt everyone could learn from an expert who teaches “Shame Resilience” with a passionate reach to men and boys, Tyler Patrick, LMFT – “What Children Teach Us About Being Shame Resilient.”
On Friday, January 29, from 8:45am-Noon, all individuals are invited to join the virtual Community Resilience Symposium. This is the 3rd annual event, and we look forward to it each year. This professional conference is planned and presented for every person in the County as well as professionals.
This year, it is a virtual event and shorter with three renowned Utah experts. The registration is free and the speakers will be viewed live. Presentations will also be taped and accessible from the County website afterward for those who cannot watch live, for repeat viewing, and for sharing with others.
Please help us spread the word! The Symposium attendance has increased every year and we expect it will continue to grow. Join us for our traditional event to grow personal and community resilience! 2020 taught us how vital this skill is.
Those of us who live in Davis County know it is a special place. Tourism Division Director Jessica Merrill and her team have been working hard to brand Davis as a fun, family-friendly destination that welcomes both locals and visitors to safely enjoy our affordable and diverse amusement opportunities. When tourists visit, stay, and play in our community, the economic impact received from visitor spending directly benefits our local businesses and County citizens. The current “Find Your Haven” marketing campaign encourages everyone to explore the many attractions in Discover Davis - Utah’s Amusement Capital. For more information, things to do, weekly blog posts, events happening in the community, and places to dine visit: DiscoverDavis.com. Follow us on: Facebook & Instagram  
For more information, things to do, weekly blog posts, events happening in the community, and places to dine visit: DiscoverDavis.com. Follow us on: Facebook & Instagram
Events happening in Davis 
Looking for January 2021 things to do? Here’s what’s happening in Davis.
Renovation Underway
Progress is being made on the renovation of the historic Davis County Memorial Courthouse in Farmington. Check these links for more information.
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