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June 7th - August 31st

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Forest Biome | Week 1
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June 7th - June 12th Week 1

Chapter 1—The Attic & Forest

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Activity Links

Bear in a Cave template Bear in a Cave Craft instructions Bluebird Coloring Page


Savanna Biome | Week 2
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June 13th - June 19th Week 2

Chapter 2 - The Savanna

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Activity Links

Tiny Book of Elephants printout Zebra Craft 

Desert Biome | Week 3
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June 20th - June 26th Week 3

Chapter 3 - The Desert

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Activity Links

Desert Sunset Craft Matching worksheet Desert | Slideshow


Polar Biome | Week 4
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June 27th - July 3rd Week 4

Chapter 4 - The Polar

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Activity Links

Penguin Waddle Activity Antarctic Movement Cube 

Rainforest Biome | Week 5
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July 4th - July 10th Week 5

Chapter 5 - The Rainforest

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Activity Links

Rainforest Origami Frog instructions Chocolate Science

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