What to do?

If you receive a Juror Qualification Form, your response is required. Complete the form in its entirety, date and sign it. Return the completed form to the court or it can be completed online by clicking the link below:

The jury term in our Court is for six months. Once a juror reports to the court for jury service, their term is completed. Service for jury duty exempts an individual for further jury service in the state for two years.

Jury trials in in the Davis County Justice Court typically last for one day. The Court will try to fit jury service into your schedule, however, there are limitations.

Contact Information

The Davis County Justice Court is located at:
800 W State Street
Courtroom #2
Farmington, UT 84025

For questions regarding jury service in Davis County Justice Court contact the juror manager at:
(801) 451-4498

For questions regarding jury service in the Second District Court call:
(801) 447-3800

For more jury service information click on Utah State Court link: