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What Does A Working Cat Need?



Most working cats have been born and raised outside and instinctively find their own food.  However, it is the owner's responsibility to make sure they are providing food in the event their cats aren't getting enough food from other sources.



Be sure to supply your working cat with a constant supply of water to stay healthy and hydrated. This can be a trough, bowl, pond or stream. Watch for signs of dehydration by looking for signs of lethargy, sunken eyes, panting, or decrease in appetite.



If you want a working cat to stick around, they need a safe place to bed down. Supply them with shelter that provides protection from the elements including wind, snow, rain and direct sunlight on those hot summer days.

Available Working Cats

If you see a working cat that you're interested in, click to submit an application! If you'd like more information about our working cat program, or just need help scheduling an adoption appointment, give us a call at 801-444-2200.


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