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Preventing Conflict

Preventing the conflict from occurring in the first place is the goal, and prevention can be fairly simple and inexpensive. To prevent animals from gaining access to your home:

  • Cap your chimney
  • Repair any openings in your home where animals can gain access; some animals can access a home through a hole the size of a dime.
    • Trim back tree limbs several feet from your roof top.
    • Secure trash containers tightly.
    • Clean up spilled birdseed under and around bird feeders.
    • Remove any uneaten pet food.

    Helpful products to reduce wildlife conflicts

    • One-Way Doors: When animals have entered a building through a hole in the wall, siding, or roof, the door allows animals to exit the damaged area without the ability to re-enter.
    • Bat Cone: Similar to a one-way door, the bat cone allows bats and squirrels to exit through the cone and not be able to re-enter.
    • Liquid Fence: Scent and taste deterrent geared towards deer and their foraging techniques, but also useful for other species.
    • Critter Ridder: Scent and taste deterrent geared towards small mammals.
    • Scarecrow: motion-activated sprinkler that frightens any animals within its perimeter with a burst of water.
    • Chimney and vent covers: for blocking potentially wildlife-accessible entrances into your home.
    • Racoon Eviction: Supplies that aid in the exclusion and deterrence of raccoons in a dwelling.

    Animal Care of Davis County receives no benefit for recommending these products; we do so because they have proven to work time and time again.

    Found a Baby Raccoon or Skunk?


    Back away and do not touch them. Raccoons/skunks can carry rabies along with other transmittable diseases and parasites.

    Most babies are not abandoned because they are alone. Wild animals leave their babies for long periods of time in order to search for food.The best option is to leave babies of wildlife alone.

    For public safety it is illegal in the state of Utah to interact with or take in wildlife, especially raccoons and skunks without specific licensing. Utah does not even license Wildlife Rehabbers for raccoon or skunk rehabilitation.

    If you have a an issue with a raccon or skunk on your property OR in a trap please contact Wildlife Resources or a local Pest Control Agency that specializes in Urban Wildlife Removal.

    Utah Division of Wildlife Resources has provided a list of Wildlife rehabilitation and nuisance control agencies.  Click Here to Learn More

    Wild Neighbors
    The Humane Society of the United States

    Learn about innovative and effective approaches you can take to solve any wild animal problems you encounter in your home, yard or garden here:

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    Utah State Licensed Wildlife Rehabilitators and Nuisance Control

    Please call the Division of Wildlife Resources Law Enforcement 800-662-3337 if a person represents themselves as licensed wildlife rehabilitator or nuisance control who are not on the link below.

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    Southwest Wildlife Foundation of Utah

    For more resources visit the Southwest Wildlife Foundation of Utah.

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