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Animal Care of Davis County provides a platform for citizens of Davis County to rehome their pet from the comfort of their own home by listing the pet among the other adoptable animals in our care - because who knows your pet better than you?

By filling out a questionnaire and uploading your favorite photos, you can submit your pet to our platform for potential adopters to see. There is no fee to list your pet, and all interaction between you and potential adopters is done on your timeline. All submissions are reviewed by our staff before being listed on our website, and rehoming listings will be visible on our website for 30 days to increase the possibility of finding a new home for your pet.

Please note that this is a courtesy for the residents of Davis County, and Animal Care of Davis County does not take any responsibility for the transfer of ownership with this program.

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Rehoming Pets

Rehome by Adopt-A-Pet

Free, easy, online service to post your pet, accept adoption applications, meet adopters and more.

Humane Society of Utah, Pet Retention Program

Intended to provide assistance and resources to pet owners who wish to keep their pet(s) but are experiencing hardship.

Pet Resource Center at The Animal Foundation

Variety of online resources all in one location, including those for under-served communities and temporary placement for military.

Social Media

A great place to network with family, friends, businesses, colleagues and more. Examples include: Nextdoor, Facebook, Craigslist.


Resources for how to best handle giving up your pet. Resources for finding a home for your pet.

Ruff Haven Crisis Center

Additional resources for rehoming. Ruff Haven also offers temporary fostering to families in need.

Online Resources

Pet Behavior Library

Solving pet behavior problems

Helpful Handouts

Helpful handouts for pet adopters,
owners & educators

Pet Tips

Visit the humane society site.


Visit the humane society cats page.

Cat Behavior Associates

Visit the cat behavior associates site.

Living with Kids and Dogs

Learn how to live with kids and dogs.

Local Resources

Animal Behavior and Training

Learn more about animal behavior and training through the Humane Society of Utah.


If you find that you've exhausted all other resources, Animal Care of Davis County will still accept owner-surrendered pets, however, we encourage you to list your pet on our rehoming platform for at least two weeks prior to scheduling a surrender appointment.

If you are surrendering your pet for behavioral issues, it is important to be honest with us about the issues your pet is experiencing. This will help us find the right home for them, and sometimes, just changing the environment the animal is in can be the path to success. For example, a pet that doesn't get along with kids or other animals should be placed with a family that has no children or other pets in the home. Other times, your pet's behavior may unknowingly be easily remedied, and with our resources, you might be able to keep your pet in your home after receiving the help we can provide.

In rare instances, the animal might have medical needs that you can no longer care for. In those cases, we ask that you bring thorough medical documentation from your primary veterinarian so that we can confer with them and continue the care as needed.

Animal Care of Davis County can accept owner-surrendered animals from residents of Davis County only.

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