The Davis County Government is governed by ten elected officials.  The following elected officials serve under a four-year term: County Board of Commissioners are:  Lorene Miner Kamalu Chair, Bob Stevenson Vice-Chair, Randy B. Elliot, Attorney - Troy S. Rawlings, Clerk - Brian McKenzie, Auditor - Curtis Koch, and Sheriff - Kelly Sparks.  

 Assessor - Lisa Manning,  Recorder - Richard T. Maughan, Surveyor - Max E. Elliot, and Treasurer -  Mark Altom

Services provided by the county include; property tax assessment and collecting, auditing, budgeting/finance, elections, marriage licenses, passports, real estate records, criminal justice services, ordinance enactment and enforcement.  Additional services include; libraries, heath and human services, public golf courses, tourism and travel facilities, correctional facilities, Emergency 911, sheriff services, animal control, vehicle inspection and maintenance, environmental health, health education and promotion, public works and flood control.  In the unincorporated areas of the county services include; road construction and maintenance, building inspection, and business licenses.

Cities of Davis County
In all, there are 15 cities that make up Davis County.  Whether they are small or large it takes all of them to be successful.  Davis County has a great working relationship with all the cities administration, mayor’s and councils.  We work hand in hand to retain, expand and recruit businesses to our area.  All the cities have taken the slowdown in the economy as time to review building and zoning ordinances, general plans and business park plats.  This has prepared everyone for a fast track to future growth and development.  Davis County is where you will find connections.


795 S. Main St., Bountiful, UT 84010 , http://www.bountifulutah.gov

Bountiful is the second most populous city in Davis County with a population 43,901. It is in the far southeast of Davis County, built on the slopes of the Wasatch Mountains.


250 N. Main Street, Centerville, UT 84014 , https://centervilleutah.gov/

Centerville’s population is 17,404.  It is home to a Larry H. Miller Megaplex Theater and a new cultural events theater.  Centerville is making life better.


55 South State St., Clearfield, UT 84015, https://www.clearfield.city

Clearfield is home to the Freeport Center that houses over 80 manufacturing companies and employees 6,000 people.  The population base is 31,364.  With Hill Air Force Base on its border, Clearfield has a lot to offer.


2267 North 1500 West, Clinton, Utah 84015, http://clintoncity.net/

Clinton City is the furthest North West city in Davis County. Population base is 23,386. They have and want to maintain that hometown feel.


160 South Main, Farmington, UT 84025, https://farmington.utah.gov/

Farmington, Utah is geographically the center of Davis County as well as the county seat.  It is home of Lagoon Amusement Park and Farmington Station (Transportation Oriented Development/Life Style Center).  Population base is 23,847.

Fruit Heights

910 S. Mountain Rd., Fruit Heights City, UT 84037, http://www.fruitheightscity.com/

Fruit Height City, the city of good neighbors.  Over 98% of this city is residential making it possible to know your neighbor.  Population base is 6,172 making it one of our smaller communities.


23 East Center Street, Kaysville, UT 84037, https://kaysville.gov/

Kaysville City is home to the Davis Chamber of Commerce, North Front Entrepreneurial Alliance and the Davis Applied Technology College.  Population base is 31,494.


437 N Wasatch Dr., Layton, UT 84041, http://www.laytoncity.org/

Layton City is the most populous city in Davis County with 76,197 citizens. Layton is home to the Layton Hills Mall and Surf 'n Swim. Layton is home to the East Gate Development project just outside Hill Air Force Base.  A state of the art business facility with industry leaders like Janicki Industries

North Salt Lake

20 S. Hwy 89, North Salt Lake, UT 84054, http://www.nslcity.org/

North Salt Lake is the furthest south city in Davis County.  Population base is 20,402.  North Salt Lake City has great freeway access to Interstate 15 and 215 with multiple access points from its industrial park.  North Salt Lake is the Gateway to Davis County.

South Weber

1600 E. South Weber Dr., South Weber, UT 84405, http://www.southwebercity.com/

South Weber City is in the farthest city northeast of Davis County.  Population base is 7,381.  South Weber provides a home town feel with ease of access to all amenities.  South Weber, making life better.


200 W. 1300 N., Sunset, UT 84015, http://www.sunset-ut.com/

Sunset is dedicated to its residents and employees.  Emphasis has been put on protecting the natural environment and promote cultural, social, economic and recreational opportunities.  Sunset is the smallest community in Davis County with a population base of 5,278.


1979 W. 1900 S., Syracuse UT 84075, http://www.syracuseut.com/

Syracuse population is 29,331.  Syracuse is the gateway to Antelope Island State Park which creates a huge draw for this community.  Coupled with a state of the art technology park development Syracuse is committed to responsible and sustainable growth

West Point

3200 W 300 N, West Point, UT 84015, http://www.westpointcity.org/

West Point population is 10,615. It's situated just 30 minutes north of Salt Lake City, along the shore of the picturesque Great Salt Lake. One of the fastest growing communities in Utah, West Point is fast becoming one of the finest and most vibrant communities in the Beehive State.

West Bountiful

550 N 800 W, West Bountiful, UT 84087, https://wbcity.org/

West Bountiful is one of our smaller cities with a population base of 5,627.  West Bountiful just opened up over 200 acres of land for mixed use development with great access to major transportation corridors.

Woods Cross

1555 South 800 West, Woods Cross, Utah 84087, http://www.woodscross.com/

Woods Cross is ever growing and expanding with a 400 acre mixed use park it is poised for the future.  The population base is 11,340.  Woods Cross has a vibrant housing and retail community and is open for business development.

State of Utah

utah_state_sealThe State of Utah has the 2nd highest population growth rate, the highest fertility rate, the 3rd highest life expectancy, the lowest median age, and the highest household size in the United States. In addition, Utah has the 7th lowest poverty rate, the 7th highest state with high school degrees, and the 17th highest percentage of citizens with bachelor's degrees in the US. The unemployment rate in Utah is the 14th lowest and the median household income is 10th in the nation.

For a list of agency links, see the State of Utah Agencies List. For people new to the state of Utah, see the Newcomers Guide, which is a list of useful links for newcomers of the state. To see tourism links see the State of Utah's Travel & Tourism landing page. For business links see Starting a Business, Relocating a Business, Running a Business, and Business Resource Centers at www.utah.gov.


The State Income Tax Rate is 4.65%.  The State of Utah, Counties and Cities all pride themselves on having one of the lowest tax structures in the United States.  The tax structure splits sales tax, personal and real property taxes between all taxing entities.  In some communities there are special service districts and Recreation/Arts/Parks/Zoo taxes.  These are usually sales tax or special levies for a given area.  As a whole, Davis County is a little lower in local taxes than surrounding communities.  This shows a stable and fiscally responsible local government.  

Governor Herbert said it best, “Governments role is to stay off of businesses backs and out of their wallets.”  We at Davis County agree with his statement.

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