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Linking Communities Update

Great Salt Lake Bird Festival is "linked" to communities in Saskatchewan, Canada and San Blas, Mexico in an effort to protect an important shorebird migration route that passes through these areas. This tri-national effort, Linking Communities, has become a model for trying to conserve birds and habitat throughout the entire range of migratory birds.



Did you know?

The Great Salt Lake is a Western Hemisphere Shorebird Reserve Network (WHSRN) Hemispheric site.. What is a WHSRN site?  A WHSRN site is a site that has been labeled as an area of conservation importance for shorebirds.  To become a hemispheric site within WHSRN there are four categories the site must have:

  1. Site/Landscapes of hemispheric importance with at least 500,000 shorebirds annually or 30% of a species’ biogeographic population: We have this number in one species alone, Wilson Phalarope
  2. Make Shorebird conservation a priority
  3. Protect and manage Shorebird habitat
  4. Keep WHSRN informed of any changes at the site
There are currently 85 sites, in 13 countries, with more than 31 million acres of habitat being conserved.

Did you know?

Most of the GSL Bird Festival field trips visit Important Bird Area ( IBA) sites along the Great Salt Lake. What is an IBA and how do you become an IBA? The IBA program is a world-wide bird conservation program. The National Audubon Society is the responsible organization for IBAs in the United States. Important Bird Areas provide important habitat for one or more species or populations of birds. To be an IBA you have to have one of the following:

  • Species of conservation concern (e.g. threatened and endangered species)
  • Restricted-ranges species (species vulnerable because they are not widely distributed)
  • Species that are vulnerable because their populations are concentrated in one general habitat type or biome
  • Species, or groups of similar species (such as waterfowl or shorebirds), that are vulnerable because they occur at high densities due to their congregatory behavior
  • Places that are IBA’s on or near the GSL: Bear River Bay, Cutler Reservoir, Deseret Land and Livestock, Farmington Bay, Gilbert Bay, Goshen Bay, Gunnison Bay, Ogden Bay, Provo Bay.

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