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Family Programming


All workshops are held at the Davis County Legacy Events Center (see map). 151 South 100 West, Farmington, UT. 
The Festival events are held in the blue buildings at the South end of the parking lot.

Friday May 19

Artists, Vendors, Food

12 – 7 pm

Student Art Display & Vendor Booths OPEN

12 – 7 pm


3 – 4:30 pm

Bare Naked Birding

Noah Strycker

The less equipment the better. Learn from Noah.

Book signing

5 – 6 pm

Book Signing

Noah Strycker

Books will be available for purchase. Or bring your own.

Awards Presentation

5:45 – 6 pm

Welcome for Festival Attendees, Art Contest Entries & Vendors

Student Art Contest Awards

Sponsored by the Commissioners’ Cup Golf Tournament

Presentation of Awards

Davis County Legacy Events Center Building #3

Family Program

6 – 7 pm


Artsy Adaptations with Tracy Aviary

Tracy Aviary

Bring the whole family to discover the amazing adaptations of birds! In this program, Tracy Aviary educators will lead children and their families in hands-on activities exploring the connection between bird features and their habitats, including drawing their own wacky, fictional birds and turning an audience member into a bird!

Saturday, May 20th


8 – 9 am


Bird Photography: Get Started the Right Way

Tom Mathewson

A quick introduction to taking good bird pictures. We’ll cover basic theory as well as the best settings, storing and processing your pictures. We’ll also look at shooting tips and techniques especially for bird photography, and how to exercise your own artistic vision to capture those great bird scenes.


8 am – 12 pm


Boy Scout Merit Badge & Youth Program

Dallin Henderson, Carol Henderson

This is an exciting opportunity for scouts 11-17 to earn the Bird Study Merit Badge. Learn about the Great Salt Lake and surrounding wetlands, habitats, birds, the food chain and the important roles they each play in our environment. Programs includes an easy nature walk to view and identify birds and other cool things in nature. (Bring your own merit badge cards with the application portion signed by your unit leader). Meet at Davis County Legacy Events Center Limit 30 youth.

Cost $5 (leaders free)


9:15 – 10:15 am


Owls Inside and Out

Ben Woodruff, Sky Masters

Owls capture the hearts and imagination of people around the world. Yet we often view them as beautiful predatory stuffed animals. This program, featuring live owls and powerpoint, will go into what really makes an owl an owl. Thow can they turn their head all the way around? Are all owls nocturnal? Did you know that there are many owls that are florescent pink, purple and orange? Come see.


9:15 – 10:15 am


Talent of Talons

Ogden Nature Center

With the help of three of the Ogden Nature Center’s resident raptors, participants will get an introduction to birds of prey and their unique characteristics.

Artists, Vendors, Food & Crafts

10 am – 6 pm

Make & Take Crafts, Youth Activities

Vendor Booths OPEN


Youth Activities

10 am – 2 pm

Youth Activities: Fun and Educational Too!

Westminster College Great Salt Lake Institute

Enjoy “Bird Detective” and a lot of fun youth activities with take-home items.


10 am – 12 pm


Make and Take Birdhouses

Home Depot, Centerville

All tools and aprons will be provided. Bring your family or youth group to make and take home a birdhouse.


10:30 – 11:30 am


Ice Age Utah

Ben Woodruff, Sky Masters

The Ice Age was just a few thousand years ago. In addition to all the wildlife currently in Utah, we also were home to Lions, Cheetahs, Saber tooths, Camels, Mammoths and so many more! This eye opening presentation will feature skeletons from these ice age giants. Prepare to have a completely new perspective on Utah wildlife!


10:30 am- 11:30 am


Life History Styles of the Rich and Famous: A look at Utah Butterflies

Tony Jones, Todd Stout

A power point presentation with photographs and some live caterpillar specimens for display. Followed by a field trip locally (weather permitting--Butterflies do not fly in the rain or cold). No need to sign up for the field trip.


11:30 am – 12:15 pm


Scratching Amidst the Litter: A Towhee’s Tale

Billy Fenimore

A discussion about our FEATURE BIRD; where you can find them, different species, behaviour and interesting facts. Also included will be some live birds of prey who find Towhee's interesting too. Lots of photos and videos also.


11:45 am – 12:45 pm



Be (Utah Birds) Wild Aware

Hogle Zoo

How your actions affect wildlife, Raptors, Bird feeders, and human interactions with these. Program includes live birds.


12:15 pm – 1 pm



Vera Cruz River Raptor Project

Steve Hoffman, founder of HawkWatch International

Steve will present an overview of the Veracruz River of Raptors Project (VRR), located near the Gulf Coast in eastern Mexico. This project is designed to monitor the largest raptor migration on Earth (4-6 million raptors of 20 species tallied each autumn). As co-founder, Steve will describe how this project was launched (in 1990-91), and will give an overview of key findings of this unique 25-year raptor population monitoring effort.


1 – 2 pm


Nature Photography: Producing Quality Images

John H. Williams

I intend to address the issues of safeguarding our wildlife and emphasize that "no photo is ever worth disturbing the animal(s) you're attempting to capture on film or digitally record." My greatest personal challenge, when working with wildlife, is to leave the animal(s) undisturbed; if I can approach a resting or feeding animal, obtain the photos I desire and, leave it completely undisturbed that's success to me and it's something I do over and over again. I will explain how I do so.



1-2 pm

AND Fieldtrip

2-5 pm


Birding for Beginners Workshop

Farmington Birding Hot Spots Fieldtrip

Dallin Henderson

Enjoy this FREE one hour workshop for beginners and families. We will discuss bird identification and the common back yard birds in the Farmington area. AFTER the workshop we will visit six viewing areas including Farmington Pond, Farmington Canyon (after the first bridge), Egg Island Viewing areas, Glover Pond, and Buffalo Ranch Pond.

Field trip tickets are on-line.

Own vehicles. Adults $5. Children free.


1 – 2 pm



The Great Salt Lake Project

Leia Larsen, Standard Examiner

Leia is the 2016 Journalist of the Year. She has published a series of stories on the many different aspects of and concerns for Great Salt Lake and will talk about her experiences and findings.


2:15 – 3:15 pm


Hornbills, Kingfishers and Kookaburras

Ben Woodruff, Sky Masters

Hornbills are a unique family of birds, with species from the size of a robin to an eagle. Living in Africa and Asia, these birds nevertheless have a worldwide effect on all life! Come find out why! Kookaburras- the world’s largest and strangest kingfisher: Find out how the Ice Age turned this bird into the iconic singer we know today.


2:15 – 3:15 pm


Are you a Peli-can or a Peli-can’t

Westminster College

Come and learn about exciting new opportunities to uncover mysteries of our charismatic Great Salt Lake pelicans!.Before you become a Peli-can’t remember that pelicans fly far and wide throughout the year. We need help from people all along their stomping grounds to understand where they go and what they do when they are not in Utah.Not a master bird nerd?Don’t stress, pelicans are easy to see and identify and you can help too (maybe even from your computer).If you are a master bird nerd or aspire to be one, there are a few spots for special volunteers (and might get you behind the gates of some cool places for your time).Come learn more about our charismatic neighbors and learn how you can be peli-can too.This is a partnership with Utah Division of Wildlife Resources, Tracy Aviary and Westminster College’s Great Salt Lake Institute.


3:30 – 4:30 pm



The Future of American’s Fish and Wildlife, Final Recommendations from the Blue Ribbon Panel

Greg Sheehan, Director DWR

“Fish and wildlife have been central to our work and our lives. Whether it’s providing gear for the outdoor enthusiast, governing a state with a rich outdoor heritage or simply spending quality time in the outdoors, we can’t imagine a world without fish and wildlife” Former Governor of Wyoming David Freudenthal. When we spend time in nature, we accrue physical and mental health benefits. What is our vision for investing in and connecting people to nature? Everyone benefits from healthy fish and wildlife.


4 – 5:30 pm


Movie Showing

‘Wings of Thunder’ and/or ‘Into a World of Wonder’ Davis County Legacy Events Center building 1

Keynote Address & Dinner 6 pm

Keynote Speaker Noah Strycker

and Dutch oven Dinner

2015 Big Year, New World Record

Vegetarian meals available. Ticket required. Cost $40

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