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Booths will be at the Festival on Saturday from 9 am to 6 pm.
2016 workshop web audience
Youth and Family Programming see schedule

Great Salt Lake Bird Festival is pleased to be hosted at the new George S. and Delores Dore' Eccles Wildlife Education Center at 1157 S. Waterfowl Way (1100 W. Glovers Lane) Farmington, UT 84025.
This is a beautiful location on the edge of Great Salt Lake and surrounded by birding habitat.


Friday May 17

Awards Presentation

6 pm - 6:15 pm

Welcome for Festival Attendees
Art and Photo Contest Entrants

Student Art  & Photo Contest Awards Presentation

Sponsored by the Davis County Youth Charities Cup

Held at the Wildlife Education Center 1157 S. Waterfowl Way (1100 W. Glovers Lane) Farmington UT 84025

Family Program

6:15 pm – 7:15 pm


Workshop: Bird Cartoons 101
Keynote Speaker Rosemary Mosco
rosemary Mosco has made a career of drawing and writing funny comics about birds and other wildlife. Nature cartoons can encourage conservation and spread a love of nature. Discover tips for creating your very own comics; and laugh while you learn!
Held at the Wildlife Education Center 1157 S. Waterfowl Way (1100 W. Glovers Lane) Farmington UT 84025

Saturday, May 18th   
Workshops and dinner are held at The new Wildlife Education Center 1157 S. Waterfowl Way (1100 W. Glovers Land) Farmington UT 84025


8 – 9 am


Introduction to Bird Photography: Getting Started and Finding the Artist Inside You
Tom Mathewson
A quick introduction to taking good bird pictures.  We’ll cover basic theory as well as the best settings, storing and processing your pictures.  We’ll also look at shooting tips and techniques especially for bird photography, and how to exercise your own artistic vision to capture those great bird scenes.

#28 Youth Program

8 am – 12 pm


Boy Scout Merit Badge & Youth Program
Dallin Henderson, Carol Henderson
This is an exciting opportunity for scouts 11-17 to earn the Bird Study Merit Badge. Learn about the Great Salt Lake and surrounding wetlands, habitats, birds, the food chain and the important roles they each play in our environment. Programs includes an easy nature walk to view and identify birds and other cool things in nature. (Bring your own merit badge cards with the application portion signed by your unit leader). Meet at Davis County Legacy Events Center Limit 30 youth. Cost $5 (leaders free)


9 – 10 am


         Painting a  Soundscape
Tracy Aviary


How much do we use our sense of sound to understand the world around us? Join  Tracy Aviary for a family nature program and discover new ways to interpret our surroundings and sharpen our listening skills!


9:30 – 10:30 am


Black Hawks and Harris Hawks
Ben Woodruff
This program will go into depth about two amazing species; The Black hawk and the Harris hawk. Black hawks are Utah's rarest hawk species. Find out where they live and what they need to thrive. The Harris hawks are the only pack hunting raptors in the world. This program will feature live hawks.


10 am – 2 pm

Youth Activities: Fun and Educational Too!
Westminster College Great Salt Lake Institute presents a lot of fun youth activities with take-home items including a craft.


10:45 – 11:45 am


Fast Flyers
Ogden Nature Center
This is an in-depth look at falcons using two live falcons. This will include information about species that live or visit Utah, their habitat, food preferences, conservation efforts, and more.


11:45 am- 12:45 pm


I See a Bird!
Nicaela Haig, DWR
Birds are the perfect way to ignite a child's love of the outdoors; they're numerous, visible and just plain thrilling to watch.  In this hands-on workshop let by a specialist in wildlife education, learn what makes birds so special and why they visit the  Eccles  Wildlife Education Center in droves.  Once we are familiar with a few local species and the lives they lead, we will practice the essential skills that will help you and your family start finding more birds together. Binoculars - and age appropriate training on how to use them - will be provided.


12 pm - 1 pm


PELI-Can We Update you on  American White Pelican Research in Utah?
Jaimi Butler, The  Great Salt Lake Peli Project
The Great Salt Lake PELI Project (Project in Education and Longitudinal Investigation of  American White Pelicans) aims to further understand the effects of our changing environment on American White Pelicans that nest and feed at  Great Salt Lake. The partners (including  Tracy Aviary, MesoWest at the University of Utah, Great Salt Lake Audubon, Great Salt Lake Institute at Westminster College, and the Utah Division of Wildlife Resources) have been working feverishly on many aspects of pelican life history in Utah.   Come hear updates on pelican migration patterns, flight behavior, mating behavior and other novel research collected through the PELIcams (motion activated wildlife cameras) on Gunnison Island. We will even give you opportunities to participate in this important research!

1 pm - 2 pm
Port in the  Storm - Building Gardens for our Winged Friends
Willard Bay Gardens
If you are looking to assist bee activity for pollination, entice hummingbirds for watching purposes or feeding needy birds during the fall/winter months, we have ideas for great plants to grow in your garden/space to invite them in. Whether you are starting a new landscape, just adding to or doing container gardening, it is so helpful and easy to build an E12 garden.


Workshop FREE

1-2 pm

AND Fieldtrip

2-5 pm Requires a ticket.


Birding for Beginners Workshop
Farmington Birding Hot Spots Fieldtrip
Dallin Henderson
Enjoy this FREE one hour workshop for beginners and families. We will discuss bird identification and the common back yard birds in the Farmington area. AFTER the workshop we will visit six viewing areas including Farmington Pond, Farmington Canyon (after the first bridge), Egg Island Viewing areas, Glover Pond, and Buffalo Ranch Pond.
Field trip tickets are on-line.
Own vehicles. Adults $5. Children free.


2:15 pm - 3:15 pm



Owls Inside and Out
Ben Woodruff
this program will feature live owls and will go over fascinating and little known attributes of owls from around the world. Find out how owls appear fluorescent to each other and the secret behind their ability to turn their head so far. This program has something for all ages and experience levels.


2:15 – 3:15 pm

  Vultures: How feasting on death keeps ecosystems in balance and humans alive
Evan Buechley, HawkWatch
I'll talk about why scavengers are important, the global status of vultures, and stories from fieldwork on vultures in USA, Europe, Asia, and Africa.

Keynote Address & Dinner 6 pm

Keynote Speaker Rosemary Mosco
and Dutch oven Dinner

"Naturally Funny: Conserving Wildlife Through Cartoons"
Rosemary Mosco is the creator of the nature comic  Bird and Moon and author of kids' books about science.  She will share the hilarious and amazing stories behind comics about awkward hawks, fierce falcons, beautiful bogs, and more - and talk about why comics and other unique media can help us protect the birds we love.

Vegetarian meals available. Ticket required. Cost $40

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