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Family Programming


All workshops are held at the Davis County Legacy Events Center (see map). 151 South 100 West, Farmington, UT. 
The Festival events are held in the blue buildings at the South end of the parking lot.

Friday May 18

Artists, Vendors

12 – 7 pm

Student Art Display & Vendor Booths OPEN

12 – 7 pm

1 pm -3 pm
                   Creativity of Photography
                                Lisa Langell
Be creative and shoot differently.  Think about where your images will go; what you will do with them.
A field trip #20 follows this workshop.  Ticket is required for the field trip.


3:30 – 5 pm

Crane Behavior and Vocalizations
Keynote  George Archibald
George will review his research studies and his extensive travels as they relate to crane behavior.

Book signing

5 – 6 pm

Book Signing
George Archibald
Books will be available for purchase. Or bring your own.

Awards Presentation

5:45 – 6 pm

Welcome for Festival Attendees, Art Contest Entries & Vendors

Student Art Contest Awards

Sponsored by the Commissioners’ Cup Golf Tournament

Presentation of Awards

Davis County Legacy Events Center Building #3

Family Program

6 – 7 pm


Parade of Raptors
Hawkwatch International
Meet a hawk, an owl, and a falcon in this engaging raptor program.   The program covers some basic information on each species, and shares their individual stories about how they came to be in captivity and how we can help them in the wild through our own thoughtful conservation actions. Learn about raptor threats and the conservation challenges of declining habitat, hazards of toxic chemicals, and the role humans have played in both endangering and protecting these magnificent birds.

Saturday, May 19th


8 – 9 am


Introduction to Bird Photography: Camera, Settings and Techniques
Tom Mathewson
A quick introduction to taking good bird pictures.  We’ll cover basic theory as well as the best settings, storing and processing your pictures.  We’ll also look at shooting tips and techniques especially for bird photography, and how to exercise your own artistic vision to capture those great bird scenes.

#28 Youth Program

8 am – 12 pm


Boy Scout Merit Badge & Youth Program
Dallin Henderson, Carol Henderson
This is an exciting opportunity for scouts 11-17 to earn the Bird Study Merit Badge. Learn about the Great Salt Lake and surrounding wetlands, habitats, birds, the food chain and the important roles they each play in our environment. Programs includes an easy nature walk to view and identify birds and other cool things in nature. (Bring your own merit badge cards with the application portion signed by your unit leader). Meet at Davis County Legacy Events Center Limit 30 youth. Cost $5 (leaders free)


9:15 – 10:15 am


         Hornbills, Kingfishers and Kookaburras
Ben Woodruff


Hornbills are a unique family of birds, with species from the size of a robin to an eagle. Living in Africa and Asia, these birds nevertheless have a worldwide effect on all life! Come find out why! Kookaburras- the world’s largest and strangest kingfisher: Find out how the Ice Age turned this bird into the iconic singer we know today.


9:15 – 10:15 am


Butterflies Rock n' Roll
Tony Jones, Todd Stout
The life history of a butterfly is a remarkable phenomenon.  From egg to adult, the metamorphosis is astounding.  Todd Stout and Tony Jones are experts in butterfly life histories here in Utah.  They will present the life histories of several butterflies and talk about the rich diversity of butterflies in Utah.  With many references of butterflies in Rock N Roll, they will add a little twist of song from bands that reference butterflies and how perception of these beautiful bugs may or may not be reality. Followed by a field trip locally (weather permitting--Butterflies do not fly in the rain or cold). 
The post-butterfly presentation field trip will be up Blacksmith Fork Canyon (South Fork).  Meet at 12 noon in the McDonalds in Hyrum (25 S. 800 E. Hyrum 84319).  We will then head towards Leatham Hollow in search of swallowtails.   No need to sign up for the field trip.


10 am – 6 pm

Make & Take Crafts, Youth Activities
Vendor Booths


Youth Activities

10 am – 2 pm

Youth Activities: Fun and Educational Too!
Westminster College Great Salt Lake Institute
Enjoy “Bird Detective” and a lot of fun youth activities with take-home items including a birdfeeder craft- while supplies last.


10:30 – 11:30 am


Dodos - Rediscovering a Lost Legend
Ben Woodruff
The Dodo- Dodos are often portrayed in cartoons and popular fiction. They are depicted as fat, unintelligent lazy birds. But were they? This in depth presentation will shatter what you thought you knew about dodos. Their story is as fascinating as it is tragic. This presentation will tell their story in a unique way, and will also feature a cast of a dodo skull, as well as an accurate life sized recreation.


10:30 am- 11:30 am


Owl Tales
Ogden Nature Center
Meet a few of the Ogden Nature Center live owls as you learn about this birds unique adaptations and some fun facts, it's going to be a hoot!


11:45 am – 12:45 pm


20 Years of Celebration Birds
Don Paul and Neka Roundy
We have come so far in celebrating birds around Great Salt Lake and in northern Utah! Come hear the 'actual' story behind Great Salt Lake Bird Festival from the folks who started it.  The ups and downs, the great stories, our partners, and the uniqueness of our famous speakers.


Workshop FREE

1-2 pm

AND Fieldtrip

2-5 pm Requires a ticket.


Birding for Beginners Workshop
Farmington Birding Hot Spots Fieldtrip
Dallin Henderson
Enjoy this FREE one hour workshop for beginners and families. We will discuss bird identification and the common back yard birds in the Farmington area. AFTER the workshop we will visit six viewing areas including Farmington Pond, Farmington Canyon (after the first bridge), Egg Island Viewing areas, Glover Pond, and Buffalo Ranch Pond.
Field trip tickets are on-line.
Own vehicles. Adults $5. Children free.


1:30 – 2:30 pm



Eggs and Environments
Tracy Aviary
Join Tracy Aviary for an egg-citing demonstration!  Help our educators discover how much weight a chicken egg can really hold and learn about the incredible adaptations of eggs.  Then dive into the science of our watershed to explore the ways that birds and people depend on and share our wetlands!


2:15 – 3:15 pm

  North American Model of Wildlife Conservation
Matt Bartley, Utah DWR
In Utah, wildlife improves our quality of life.  It is a treasured part of the state’s heritage, values and traditions.  But this wealth of wildlife didn’t just appear on the landscape.  Learn about the world’s most successful system of policies and laws to restore and safeguard fish and wildlife and their habitats through sound science and active management.


2:30 – 3:30 pm


Owls Inside and Out
Ben Woodruff
Owls capture the hearts and imagination of people around the world. Yet we often view them as beautiful predatory stuffed animals.  This program, featuring live owls and power point will go into what really makes an owl an owl.  How can they turn their head all the way around? Are all owls nocturnal? Did you know that there are many owls that are florescent pink, purple and orange? Come see.


4 – 5:30 pm


Movie Showing

‘Wings of Thunder’ and/or ‘Into a World of Wonder’ Davis County Legacy Events Center building 1

Keynote Address & Dinner 6 pm

Keynote Speaker George Archibald
and Dutch oven Dinner

"My Life with Cranes"

Vegetarian meals available. Ticket required. Cost $40

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