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Onsite Wastewater Systems

A residence or other building must have a way to remove wastewater from the premises. In most cases the building is connected to the municipal sewer. If the city sewer is too far away (usually 300 feet or further), the property owner may have the option of constructing an individual wastewater system (septic tank and drain field/deep trench) for the disposal of wastewater. Not all properties meet requirements of state law for the installation of onsite wastewater systems.

Connecting to the Sewer
Permits / Fees
Inspection Requirements
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Connecting to the Sewer

Municipal and state laws require that if a property is within 300 feet of a public sewer, the city or county must require sewer connection of any occupied buildings on the property. If the sewer line eventually comes close enough for building hookup after having been serviced by an onsite wastewater system, the property owner must at that time connect the structure to the public sewer. The municipal sewer is by far the safest and most sanitary method of wastewater disposal. Onsite wastewater systems are prone to failure and are discouraged—whenever possible—if there is the possibility of sewer connection.
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