Davis County Library Patron Code of Conduct

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In keeping with the Davis County Library’s Mission Statement, the Davis County Library Board of Directors has established a Library Patron Code of Conduct to express the responsibilities, expectations, and roles for all individuals who use the library’s spaces to ensure that the library space is a welcoming, safe, and secure place for both patrons and staff. Library space includes both virtual space and physical space, including the interior and exteriors of library buildings. Patrons include both residents and non-residents of Davis County. Staff includes Davis County employees, volunteers, vendors hired by the Library and Davis County, and others acting in similar capacity.


Patrons and staff are joint participants using a shared, public environment and must conduct themselves accordingly.  As such, patrons and staff will act in a courteous, respectful, considerate, and understanding manner toward all who use or work in the library.

Expectations for Library Patrons

All library patrons, including library staff, should understand that the library is shared public space used by many. To ensure that the library remains a welcoming, safe, and secure space for patrons and staff, patrons shall:

  • Refrain from behaviors that hinder or prevent others from also effectively using library space.

  • Respect library resources and property and conduct themselves in a safe and orderly manner.

  • Be Responsible for monitoring and supervising the activities and choices of those within their care.

  • Respect the needs and diverse expectations of all library users.

  • Comply with federal, state, and local laws and regulations, as well as County and library policies.  

  • Ensure, in partnership with library staff,  that library spaces are safe and welcoming to all.

Examples of Violations

  • Behavior that is considered abusive, harassing, intimidating or disrespectful and behavior that is unsafe including running and fighting.

  • Patterns of behavior that are disruptive to other patrons or the normal operation of the library including, but not limited to, excessive noise, loud conversation, offensive body odor or excessive scent.

  • Impeding others from using library spaces or resources, including, but not limited to, sleeping in aisles, moving furniture or blocking access to shelves, or library materials.

  • Leaving vulnerable individuals or children under the age of eight years old unattended by a responsible caregiver or alone in the library; leaving children under the age of twelve at the library after closing time.

  • Defacing, damaging, destroying, or improperly using library or county property - including, but not limited to, bathing in public restrooms, squatting and similar activities on library property, or circumventing library computer and technology systems.

  • Bringing beverages other than water or clear liquids in uncovered containers or eating food in the library, except in designated areas; such areas may not be available in all locations.

  • Soliciting outside designated spaces on library property in a manner inconsistent with relevant legal standards; soliciting donations is prohibited on library property.

  • Willful infringement of copyright laws, including illegal copying or downloading of copyrighted materials.

  • Bringing animals into the library that have not been designated as service animals as defined by the Utah Code 62A-5b-102. Exceptions may be made for library-sponsored programs.

Expectations for Library Staff

  • Staff will weigh the observed disruptive conduct and exercise best judgement in determining whether the conduct is a violation of the policy.  Factors that will be considered include public safety, impact to library service, use of the library by patrons, and risk to county property. In cases of vulnerable individuals and unattended children under the age of eight, library staff will exercise best judgement when contacting a legal guardian or local law enforcement.

  • Staff will explain the policy to the patron, share a copy of the Library Patron Code of Conduct with the patron and request that the patron conduct themselves in a manner that is respectful of the needs, diverse expectations, and investment of all library users and the community as a whole, as indicated in library policy #50, Mission Statement and Management of the Library as a Public Space.

  • Staff will consult with supervisors to resolve ongoing or escalating patron conduct issues before taking further action.  Staff will receive annual training regarding the application and enforcement of this policy to ensure that staff are responding to potential issues in a professional and proactive manner, always with the goal of maintaining a welcoming, safe and secure environment for all library users, including patrons and staff.

  • Patrons violating the Code of Conduct may be asked to leave the library for the remainder of the business day if the observed violations continue after the patron has been informed by staff that their behavior is in violation of the established policy.  Patrons are welcome to return the following work day and may appeal their removal to the Library Director by contacting the Headquarters Library at 801-451-3030 during normal business hours.

  • Patrons who continue to violate established policy, may have library privileges suspended for a longer period of time.  In such instances, the Library Director will provide the offending patron(s) with a written notice of suspension. This letter will also outline further appeal opportunities, including an appeal made to the Davis County Library Board of Directors.

  • Approved by Davis County Library Board of Directors on June 12, 2018.