Diane Setterfield

by Karen Walch | Nov 20, 2021

Once upon a River
by Diane Setterfield

On the Thames River there are many inns, each famous in its own way. The Swan Inn is known for its storytelling--and what a story there is to tell when on winter solstice a man bursts into the inn carrying a lifeless 4 year old, then collapses. Like the Thames, the story meanders to discover the identity of the girl as three parties claim her for their own.

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The Thirteenth Tale
by Diane Setterfield

Mousey Margaret Lea discovers a rare copy of Thirteen Tales of Change and Desperation by reclusive novelist Vida Winter, England's most most popular novelist, who has commanded Margaret to write her biography. The book of stories stops after the 12th Tale, and Margaret, intrigued, heads to Vida's Yorkshire hideaway in pursuit of tale number 13--the tale of the writer herself. Facing imminent death, Miss Winter beings to spin a haunting, suspenseful tale of an old English estate, a devastating fire, twin girls, a governess, and a ghost. As Margaret carefully records Vida's tale, she ponders her own family secrets. Readers will be mesmerized by this story-within-a-story tinged with the eeriness of Rebecca and the willfulness of Jane Eyre--a wholly original work to in the vein of the best gothic classics.

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