Picture Books

by Karen Walch | Feb 14, 2022

Some of the best picture books published last year

Eyes that Kiss in the Corner
by Joanna Ho and illustrated by Dung Ho

The book begins: "Some people have eyes like sapphire lagoons with lashes like lace trim on ballgowns. . . not me. I have eyes that kiss in the corners and glow like warm tea." The book celebrates the beauty of a young girl who looks like her mother, who looks like her amah, who looks like her little sister. A book about accepting yourself and how your family looks, even if you don't look like the people around you.

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Chez Bob
by Bob Shea

Chez Bob is a lazy reptile who wants to make birds fly right into his mouth, so he creates a birdseed restaurant on his snout. He keeps meaning to eat the birds, but somehow they become his friends.

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What Happened to You? 
by James Catchpool and Karen George

Joe wants to play pirates, his favorite game, but kids on the playground keep asking him questions. What happened to you? Did your leg fall off? Did a burglar steal it? Joe doesn't want to answer the questions. Does he have to? A funny story to help children understand what it might feel like to be seen as different. They have boundaries too.

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Don't Hug Doug (He doesn't like it)by Carrie Finison and Daniel Wiseman

Doug doesn't like to be hugged. It doesn't mean he doesn't like you, he just doesn't like hugs. And shouldn't everyone be able to decide whether they want a hug or not?

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Outside Inside
by Le Uyen Pham

"Something strange happened on an unremarkable day just before the season changed." In the spring of 2020 everyone--or almost everyone --went inside all over the world. The book describes what happened during that time and why we did it. A beautiful book that will give children a chance to talk about Covid and how it has affected them.

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A Small Kindness
by Stacy Mornulty and illustrated by Wendy Leach

The book shows children doing kindness for one another--each act is a little different. It's like a game of tag when one person passes kindness to another and that child responds and the whole world becomes a better place. It is a game of tag where everyone wins.

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We all play = Kimêtawânaw by Julie Flett

Kimetawanaw means "we all play" in Plains Cree. Animals play in lots of different ways, and so do children. Simple, soft pictures show animals first, then children playing. A glossary in the back gives the names of all the animals shown in the book in Plains Cree.

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Change Sings
by Amanda Gorman. Illustrated by Loren Long. This book is a children's anthem about being a part of positive change. "I show tolerance, though it might take some courage. I don't make a taller fence but fight to build a better bridge." Each page shows a different positive action, and with each person that joins the movement, an additional musical instrument is added." When we all join together, we make beautiful music we could not make alone.

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Someone Builds the Dream
by Lisa Wheeler and illustrated by Loren Long

If you have a child that loves trucks, building, drawing, or creating, they'll enjoy this book. It's a tribute to all the workers who help build the dreams someone else created. "Someone needs to pound the nails. Someone needs to build the dream."

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