Kazuro Isaguro

by Karen Walch | Apr 13, 2022

What do a proper English butler and an uncommonly intelligent AF (artificial friend) have in common? Kaguro Isaguro explores the themes of loyalty, love, and loneliness in both books.

Klara and the Sun
by Kazuro Isaguro

In the near future, Klara, an uncommonly intelligent AF (artificial friend) observes everything from her store window. She hopes for someone to choose her. As Klara leaves the store with 14-year-old Josie, she enters a world where people are "lifted" so they can become higher achievers, and where interactions must be planned to develop social skills because those who have been lifted study in isolation on their oblongs. It is a world where Isaguro explores the questions: What is the cost of service? What is the meaning of love? What is the price of progression? Whatever you decide, the book will leave many questions to be pondered.

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The Remains of the Day
by Kazzuro Isaguro

Stevens, a butler in Great Britain, is commencing on his first road trip and ponders his life and goals, his desire to serve to the best of his ability with dignity and loyalty. He wanted to be an honor to his profession. Does that mean he should have given up opportunities to love his family or to fall in love? Should he have been loyal to his employer to the point of never having any opinions of his own? And are "the remains of the day" (or the evenings of our life) really the best time of our life?

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