Fishy Friends

by Karen Walch | Jun 21, 2022

Ocean Animals

Each entry has a fact file with bite-sized facts, measurements, statistics, and a clear color photograph of the ocean animal.

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Baby Dolphin’s First Day 
by Peter Roop

Follows a baby dolphin through its first day of life in the big, blue sea.

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by Jessie Alkire

This title takes readers to narwhal habitats to understand why narwhals are at risk.

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by Emma Bassier

Vivid photographs and easy-to-read text introduce readers to the special life cycle, behavior, physical characteristics, and habitat of jellyfish.

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Baby Whale Rescue
by Caroline Arnold

Describes how J.J., a baby gray whale born off the California coast and separated from her mother, was rescued and returned to the open sea.

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Beluga Whales Up Close
by Jody Sullivan Rake

Presents an up-close look at beluga whales, including their body features, habitat, and life cycle.

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