Is your mailing address different from your physical address? If so, UAC 59-2-103.5 (8) requires you to fill out a Residential Property Declaration. If you received a letter from the Assessor’s Office, we were notified of a change of mailing address and/or ownership for your property. You are therefore required to submit the Residential Property Declaration to the County Assessor stating whether this property is used as a primary or secondary residence. State code 59-2-103 allows for a 45% residential exemption on primary residences in Utah. That means you only pay property tax on 55% of your primary residence’s fair market value.

The law [UCA 59-2-103.5 (8)] requires that you complete the form within 90 days from the date on the letter sent to you to correctly classify the use of your property. Failure to file this form will result in the loss of the primary residential exemption and cause your property tax to increase significantly.

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