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Davis County Jail

Unofficial Inmate Roster

Terms of Use
Terms of Use

This website is provided as part of an ongoing effort by Davis County to make government records available to the public. These records are entered as accurately and timely as possible, however, please remember:

  • The contents of this website are provided for informational purposes only. The contents of this page should not be considered suitable for use on any legal documents, or as an adequate source for any news reports.
  • This unofficial inmate roster is not updated more often than once per hour. Often it is updated less frequently.
  • Neither Davis County, the Davis County Sheriff's Office, Davis County Information Systems, nor any other Davis County entity guarantees the accuracy of any information on this website. The information on the Davis County website is provided "AS IS", with no warranties whatsoever. Davis County disclaims any warranties for the information on this website, including, without limitation, reliability, timeliness, accuracy, or performance of this website.
  • You understand and agree that you access or obtain information or data from this website at your own discretion and Davis County will not be liable to anyone on account of your use or misuse or reliance on any information, data, or services provided by the Davis County website.
  • This page should not be considered an official record or an official inmate roster. Official records and inmate rosters are kept by the Davis County Sheriff's Office. If this website does not agree with the official inmate roster in any way, the official inmate roster should be considered accurate.
  • For more information concerning the official record, please contact the Davis County Sheriff's Office. All access requests will be handled in accordance with the Utah Government Records Access Management Act (GRAMA).
  • Your use of this webpage, or any printed works derived from this webpage will be considered your agreement to these "Terms of Use".

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This website is not an official Inmate Roster. Do not use this page unless you understand and agree to Terms of Use. To see the terms of service, click here...
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To view additional details about an inmate (including booking photo), select an inmate from the roster on the left, and then click the "Details" button below.

The Davis County Jail Unofficial Inmate Roster is not updated more often than once every hour. Sometimes it is updated less frequently.

The amount of inmate bail listed on this web site is the amount that has to be paid to the various court(s).  If you use a bail service (bail bonds or EZCard Kiosk) there will be additional processing fees.  For your convenience there is an EZCard Kiosk in the Jail Administration (24 hours/7 days per week) or Visiting Lobby (during visiting hours) that you may use either cash or credit cards.  EZCard also has a website at that you may use from home or a toll free phone number at (888) 497-2387.  You may contact any bail bond service, they are listed in the yellow pages or you may pay direct to the court (during regular business hours with no processing fee at the court) where the charges originate.

There is also an EZCard service to put money on the inmate’s commissary account with cash or credit at the kiosks, website at, or the toll free phone number (888) 497-2387.
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