How to Serve an Order

NOTE: The following packets (documents) must be received directly
from the court. We will not accept personal delivery by the Petitioner.

  1. Check the packet also known as an Alternative Service Packet or Emergency Packet. The plaintiff (petitioner) will also have this packet. It should contain the:

    If these documents are not with the packet, the officer may not be able to conduct a Valid Service. The Ex Parte' is the most critical.  The Ex Parte' contains the court date for the hearing. The verified petition provides information regarding the claims filed by the plaintiff that have been reviewed by a judge. The return is a form indicating service. A duplicate of a blank return can be obtained to document proof of service.

  2. Check the order and determine what the court is directing. It will likely include the requirements to:

    • Serve the respondent. This notifies them of the court date and informs them of the restrictions and penalties.
    • Remove the respondent from a protected area (a residence or work place)
    • Remove the children from the respondent and place them with the petitioner.
  3. Proceed with the service. Sign the copies of the orders being given to the respondent. It will be the Ex Parte' Protective Order and the Verified Petition.
  4. Complete the Return of Service. Fill in the blanks. (The county where service is made, the officer's name, what papers were served, the date received and the date served, and the address where the order was served.) Sign the return with your name, agency and title and include the date.
  5. Notify the Davis County Dispatch Office of the service. The dispatcher will need the name of the respondent and the time and place of service. Davis County Dispatch will enter the service on the State Wide Warrants System immediately.
  6. Immediately FAX a copy of the return of service to the Davis County Sheriff's Office, Civil Division, (801) 451-4167.
  7. Send the Original Return to:

    Civil Division
    Davis County Sheriff's Office
    P O Box 618
    Farmington, UT 84025
    Telephone: (801) 451-4103
    Fax: (801) 451-4167

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