Landlord/Tenant Issues


The Civil Section receives telephone calls regarding issues related to tenant and landlord disputes.  Forms for filing an action in District Court, information and your rights concerning these issues can be found on the Utah State Government website at:

 “Online Court Assistance Program”

The “Finding Legal Help” page describes statewide programs offering free legal consultations.  

The following steps need to be taken before the eviction process can take place:

  1. The Eviction Notice can be served by anyone on behalf of the landlord and may be posted on the door.
  2. A Summons and Complaint is filed with the District Court and served by the Davis County Sheriff’s Office.
  3. The Order of Restitution is filed with the District Court and should be served by the Davis County Sheriff’s Office.

Eviction Notice, the Summons and Complaint and Order of Restitution will have service fees only if the Davis County Sheriff’s Office serves the papers.

The following items are needed for the Davis County Sheriff’s Office to complete the service of Order of Restitution.  You may mail or hand-deliver to: Davis County Sheriff’s Office, Justice Services Division, P.O. Box 618, Farmington, Utah  84025.

  1. DOCUMENTS:  The original Order of Restitution and a copy of the Order which was signed by the judge are required prior to submission to the Davis County Sheriff’s Office.  You should also make a copy of the documents for your own records.
  2. COST:  See Fee Schedules.
  3. TIME ELEMENTS:  A time period is required by the Davis County Sheriff’s Office to prepare and complete the service depending upon the time and receipt of your documents by the Civil Section.  The number of days stated in the Order are full days for the tenant to comply with the Order; it does not include the date of service and the date the locks are changed on the doors.  The Plaintiff will be notified of the scheduled date for processing. Service cannot be made on holidays, weekends or general election days.

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