EKG 12-Lead

ekg 12-lead

In an effort to provide the fastest possible response for  heart attack victims, we have adopted a technology that greatly increases survival rates by decreasing the time it takes to receive life saving procedures in the hospital.

Each deputy/paramedic carries an EKG monitor (Electro Cardio Gram) with 12-lead capability. A 4-lead EKG looks at the basic functioning of the heart. The 12-lead is a more in-depth look at the heart and provides the paramedic the ability to analyze the heart for possible abnormalities. Once the reading is obtained, it is sent to an area hospital as an image using a system similar to a cell phone. The image is uploaded to several locations including the Emergency Room, the Cardiac Cath Lab,  the Smart

Phone of the cardiologist on call, the manager of the Cath Lab and other technicians. This alerts the hospital staff of the impending heart condition so preparations can be made for surgery while EMS is en route to the hospital with the patient.

This system has greatly decreased the amount of time taken to provide life saving procedures to patients suffering from heart attacks. Some of the response times have been as short as 25 minutes from initial dispatch of EMS to placement of stents and reperfusion of the heart in the hospital. This technology has greatly improved survival and quality of life for several victims of a heart attack.

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