k9 unit

The K-9 program began in June of 2009 when the first three handlers went to Omaha, Nebraska for one-on-one training with their dogs. Once the deputies became familiar and confident with their new partner’s abilities, they returned to begin a career in law enforcement. The fourth K9 followed in September of 2009 and the fifth in March of 2011. They become part of the family as they live, eat and sleep in the same home.

The service provided by our K-9s are among the best in the nation. In training with other agencies, both local and federal, our K-9s gain a reputation as reliable and efficient. Each dog is trained in drug detection and patrol/tracking. Canines can perform searching, detection and apprehension functions more quickly, efficiently, and safely than officers on foot. The K-9 team provides a significant resource to assist our personnel and other law enforcement agencies in carrying out their duties.

The K-9 team enhances the ability to respond to emergencies, particularly in the areas of deputy protection, tracking, building and area searches and apprehension of suspects.

The K-9s have quickly become, and always will be, an integral part of the Sheriff’s Office.



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      Handler: Deputy Jeremy Varela
      Breed: Belgian Malinois
      Weight: 80 lbs

      Jak is a very strong dog, and is very protective of his handler. He is trained in drug detection and patrol/tracking. Jak is excited to jump into his patrol truck because he knows it's time to get to work. He joined the Davis county Sheriff's Office in June of 2009.

      Handler: Deputy Steven Sanford
      Breed: Dutch Shepard
      Weight: 75 lbs

      Mojo has the drive to both work and play. His favorite thing is to play with his tennis balls and run. He has one of the keenest senses of smell his trainers have ever seen. Mojo is a dual purpose K-9 trained in drug detection and patrol/tracking. He joined the Davis County Sheriff's Office in June of 2009.

      Handler: Deputy Jake Shuler
      Breed: Belgian Malinois
      Weight: 72 lbs

      Dax is a Belgian Malionis. He was born in Neptune, New Jersey on February 17 2007. He was initially bred as a show dog and pre trained in Schutzhund (a type of training used to determine a dog's strong points). It was soon realized his work drive was too good to be a show dog and he needed to be out working in law enforcement. Dax has an amazing drive for law enforcement work and loves every minute of it. He joined the Davis County Sheriff's Office in June of 2009.

      Handler: Deputy Claine Hawkins
      Breed: Belgian Malinois
      Weight: 85 lbs

      Nitro is a large, strong dog that was bred in Germany and has a close bond with his handler. He likes to relax and play which could be attributed to the fact that he is only a pup of one year old. When it's time to work, though, he becomes very focused. Nitro is trained in drug detection and patrol/tracking. He has been with the Sheriff's Office since April of 2011.

      Handler: Deputy Michael Benoit
      Breed: German Shepard
      Weight: 80 lbs

      Hasko is the newest addition to our K9 team and is showing promise of becoming a great K9 Deputy. He is a hard worker and learns quickly. We look forward to seeing him in action.

      Executive Administration

         Todd Richardson

         Brent E. Peters

      Chief Deputy
         Kevin P. Fielding​

      Emergency Management Administration

      Undersheriff Brent E. Peters

      Sergeant Dave Bardall

      Contact Information

      Physical Address
      800 West State Street
      Farmington, Utah 84025

      Mailing Address
      P.O. Box 618
      Farmington, Utah 84025-0618

      Jail/Inmate Mailing Address
      P.O. Box 130
      Farmington, Utah 84025-0130

      Work Center Physical Address
      883 W. Clark Lane
      Farmington, Utah

      Phone Numbers
      Sheriff Administration
      (801) 451-4100 :: Main
      (801) 451-4167 :: Fax

      Jail Administration
      (801) 451-4200 :: Main
      (801) 451-4225:: Fax

      Monday – Friday
      7:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.
      (except legal holidays)


      Copyright © 2015 Davis County Government