Filing Requirements

  1. Surveys must show the following:
    • The location of the survey by quarter section and township and range.
    • Date of survey.
    • The scale of drawing and north point.
    • The distance and course of all lines traced or established, giving the basis of bearing, the distance and course to a section corner or quarter corner, including township and range, or an identified monument within a recorded subdivision.
    • All measured bearings, angles, and distances separately indicated from those of record.
    • A written boundary description of property surveyed.
    • All monuments set and their relation to older monuments found.
    • A detailed description of monuments found and monuments set, indicated separately.
    • The surveyor's seal or stamp.
    • The surveyor's business name and address.

  2. The map shall contain a written narrative that explains and identifies:
    • The purpose of survey.
    • The basis on which the lines were established.
    • The found monuments and deed elements that controlled the established or re-established lines.
    • All subdivision plats must have a narrative attached for filing in the surveyor's office.

  3. If the narrative is a separate document, it shall contain:
    • The location of the survey by quarter section and by township and range.
    • The date of survey.
    • The surveyor's stamp or seal.
    • The surveyor's business name and address.

  4. The map and narrative shall be referenced to each other, if they are separate documents.

  5. The map and narrative shall be created on material of a permanent nature on stable base reproducible documents.

  6. The required size of a survey must be 18" x 24" or 24" x 36". All subdivision ​mylars received in the Davis County Recorder's office are 19" x 30", subdivisions filed in the surveyors office must be placed on a 24" x 36"​ mylar.

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