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Tax Information

Davis County Tax Information - Please Read

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Property Information
Serial Number: 121700063
Tax District: 39
SITUS Address: 1096 N 2725 WEST
LAYTON, 84041
Building/Land Values
Acres: 0.15
Residence Year Built: 1993
Residence Square Feet: 1783
Tax Information
Estimated Delinquency Payoff Amount (for specified Payoff Date): No delinquencies were found for this serial number at this time.
2013 Tax Statement Recipient: AMERICAN HOMES 4 RENT LP
MALIBU, CA 90265
2013 Total Market Value: $196,347.00
Recent Tax History

Important Clarifications

  1. If the amounts for prior years show $0.00 paid this may be an error. Please contact the Davis County Treasurer at (801) 451-3243 to verify unpaid amounts.
  2. The amounts shown paid are taxes only, unless the taxes were paid late. If the taxes were paid late the amount includes taxes and penalty, but does not include interest, if interest was paid.
  3. The statutory due date for property taxes in Utah is November 30. Taxes are paid with one single annual installment.
Year Gen Taxes Adj. Paid Date Paid Due
(does not include interest. See Estimated Delinquency Payoff above)
2013 $1,599.78 $0.00 $1,599.78 11/18/2013 $0.00
2012 $1,587.38 $0.00 $1,603.25 01/25/2013 $0.00
2011 $1,569.33 ($945.27) $624.06 11/23/2011 $0.00
2010 $1,511.41 ($929.71) $581.70 11/23/2010 $0.00
2009 $1,370.90 ($1,141.99) $228.91 11/30/2009 $0.00
2008 $1,373.99 ($904.07) $469.92 11/20/2008 $0.00
2007 $1,304.38 $0.00 $1,304.38 11/21/2007 $0.00
2006 $1,110.58 $0.00 $1,110.58 11/20/2006 $0.00
2005 $1,167.68 $0.00 $1,167.68 11/19/2005 $0.00
2004 $1,179.61 $0.00 $1,179.61 11/25/2004 $0.00
2003 $1,079.97 $0.00 $1,079.97 11/22/2003 $0.00


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