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Decontamination of Properties


Decontamination of Chemically Contaminated Properties

The Health Department may require decontamination of a chemically contaminated property when confirmation sampling by a certified decontamination specialist is above the standards set forth in Utah Rule R392-600 Illegal Drug Operations Decontamination Standards. The Department may require property owners to decontaminate properties that have been determined to be chemically contaminated and may close properties to occupancy that have been determined to be a health risk.

Decontamination of chemically contaminated properties includes:

Confirmation Sampling

Confirmation sampling as defined in Utah Rule R392-600 is "collecting samples by a certified
decontamination specialist during a preliminary assessment or upon completion of decontamination activities.” Only confirmation sampling can be used to confirm that contamination is below the decontamination standards.

Work Plan

When a property is the subject of decontamination work, the property information and a written work plan must be submitted to the local health department. Work plan content requirements are found in Utah Rule R392-600.

Decontamination Permits

Decontamination permits must be issued by the Department prior to any decontamination activities.
To obtain a permit, the applicant will need to submit an application for the permit, a work plan, and pay the permit fee of $400. The work plan must be approved prior to issuance of a permit.

Final Reports

Final reports must be submitted to the Department upon completion of the decontamination activities. Final Report content requirements are found in Utah Rule R392-600.

Who can decontaminate properties?

A Utah Certified Decontamination Specialist may decontaminate properties or the propertyowner on record may decontaminate their properties. Confirmation sampling must be conducted by a certified decontamination specialist.

Decontamination Applications and Resources