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STI Testing

STIs affect men and women of all backgrounds and economic levels.  Even though the United States has made progress in decreasing the number of cases through better testing and risk-reduction education, there are more than 19 million new cases of STIs reported each year.  

Davis County Health Department offers low-cost STI testing.  If you are experiencing symptoms, it is recommended that you see a provider who can evaluate and treat your symptoms.  As a result, the following testing options are available through Davis County Health Department and our partnership with Midtown Community Health Center:

Screening Only:

BY APPOINTMENT ONLY.  Please call 801-525-5200 to schedule an appointment.



  • Chlamydia & Gonorrhea** - urine
  • rapid HIV

 **Note:  For chlamydia/gonorrhea testing, please do not urinate for at least one hour prior to your visit.

Depending on your sexual risks, you may qualify to have other tests performed:

  • Chlamydia & Gonorrhea - oral and rectal (for high-risk patients)
  • Syphilis (for high-risk patients)

Screening with a Provider Exam:

BY APPOINTMENT ONLY.  Please call Midtown Community Health Center at 801-334-0030 to schedule an appointment.

Cost:  $35 minimum, depending on income level


  • Chlamydia & Gonorrhea** - urine, oral, and rectal screenings
  • HIV
  • Syphilis
  • Medical exam with a provider

If you have questions about screening, or would like to make an appointment, please call (801)525-5200.

Testing Location:

Davis County Health Department
WIC & Immunizations Suite (Suite 1003)
22 South State Street, Clearfield, UT
Monday - Friday, 8:00am - 5:00pm

Cancellation Policy

Davis County Health Department aims to provide all its clients and patients with exceptional service and respect.  Unfortunately, when someone cancels last-minute or does not come to an appointment, it disrupts the work of our staff and prevents others from being seen.

Clients who are more than 15 minutes late to their appointment will be asked to reschedule.

Clients who repeatedly miss appointments or are consistently late could be referred to their own provider for needed services.

To reschedule or cancel, please call us at (801)525-5200 by 5:00pm the business day before your appointment.

STI Treatment

A person named as a sexual partner to an individual with a confirmed STI may receive free testing through Davis County Health Department's Contact Clinic.  Beginning January 1, 2024, treatment for an STI will now incur a charge of $10.  A public health nurse will contact the identified sexual partner and arrange time for the person to be tested and treated.  Davis County Health Department maintains strict confidentiality at all times.  

For questions regarding STI testing or treatment, call (801) 525-5200.

Testing and Treatment for Minors
Testing is available for people of all ages.  In accordance with Utah Code, 26-6-18, a minor can seek medical care by a hospital, public clinic, or a private physician for the diagnosis and treatment of a sexually transmitted infection without the consent of a parent or legal guardian.