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Tourism Grants

Discover Davis, the destination marketing brand for Davis County Tourism and Events (Discover Davis) recognizes the economic impact that the arts brings to a community.

2022 Mural Grant Program

Program Overview

Discover Davis, the destination marketing brand for Davis County Tourism and Events (Discover Davis) recognizes the economic impact that the arts brings to a community. It offers a valuable local and visitor experience that drives people to areas and adds a sense of place in our community. This program is intended to increase the number of public murals displayed on the outward walls of buildings within Davis County. The ultimate goal is to be able to organize a Mural Tour map within Davis County and support our communities in beautifying their areas. The Discover Davis team will present eligible projects to the Davis County Tourism Tax Advisory Board for scoring and final funding recommendations to the County Commission. Projects must highlight positive images that complement the community and tourism assets. Applications will be accepted starting May 1, 2022 and are due no later than 11:59PM Mountain Time on JUNE 17, 2022. 

Eligibility and Requirements

The mural location must be within the Davis County boundaries. Only one application per project is allowed. Private business owners or cities must submit an application in conjunction with an Artist. The applicant needs to agree to and have a plan on the upkeep and maintenance of the mural and costs associated. A rendering of the mural will need to be approved by Discover Davis prior to work commencing. This grant is intended only for new mural projects and is not designed to restore or be used for the upkeep of an existing mural. The Discover Davis - Utah’s Amusement Capital logo must be placed on the mural, that is reasonable in placement and size. The intent of the logo is not to detract from the artwork itself, but must be visible enough to recognize Discover Davis as a sponsor. Businesses are only allowed to be awarded one application each calendar year. Cities can submit and be awarded more than one grant per calendar year, but after the first application received, priority will be given to other first time applicants, and only considered if funding is still available. 

  • Grant requests cannot exceed $10,000 (Grant requested amount, not total project cost)
    • 75% of funds will be given upon award
    • 25% will be paid upon completion of the project when the final report is submitted
    • Funds will be paid directly to the main applicant
  • Grant funds must be matched by a business, artist, or city 
  • Murals must be located on an exterior wall (outdoors) 
  • Murals must be complete by July 1, 2023. In the event the mural is not complete by this date, the applicant shall pay back the County in full the total amount of grant funds received
  • Grant application period will open on May 1, 2022 and close on June 17, 2022 at 11:59pm MT.
  • Award letters will be sent, no later than August 1, 2022 
  • In the event more applications are submitted than available grant funding, grants will be awarded to the highest scoring applicants until funds run out  
  • If awarded, any social media or other marketing efforts done surrounding this project, must mention Discover Davis as a sponsor

Application Review Criteria

  •  Engaging the Community (40 pts)
    • Will the mural draw locals and tourists to the artwork and encourage pictures and social media posts?
    • Is the proposed mural appealing and does it highlight positive images that complement the community and tourism assets?
  • Beautification (25 pts)
    • Will the proposed mural add beautification and complement the area and surrounding businesses?
    • Does the applicant have a dependable plan in place for the upkeep of the mural and costs associated.
  • Location of Mural (25 pts)
    • Is the proposed mural location in a high traffic area?
    • Is the proposed location easily accessible?  
  • Creates Partnerships (10 pts)
    • Does the project involve multiple partners, including either a City, business or local artist? 

*Applications must score over 75 points to be considered for funding.  

 Reporting Requirements if awarded

The following must be submitted with the final invoice to receive the remaining grant funds

  1. Hi-res image(s) of the completed mural
  2. Breakdown and proof of how funds were spent 
  3. Proof of Discover Davis logo on the mural


To review the application prior to opening, please click HERE
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