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Voting By-Mail

Davis County and all Cities within Davis County provide by mail ballots to their citizens for each election. Voters receive their ballot about three weeks before each election. Ballots may be returned in mail, at a drop box location, or at a polling location on Election Day.  View the election calendar for specific dates/deadlines. 

Why Vote By-Mail?  The Utah State Legislature passed HB36 in 2020 and established that all elections would be conducted primarily by mail. Voting by mail is the best way to inform voters of the candidates and issues that are on the ballot each election. It provides voters the best opportunity to study the candidates and issues. Voters can make their choices and vote their ballot at their convenience.  Voters have the choice to return their ballot in the mail or deliver it to one of the many drop locations.  

Will Your Votes Remain Confidential? 
Yes, your ballot will remain confidential, our State Constitution ensures your right to a secret ballot.  Our processes and procedures ensure separation of personal identifiers (such as the voter's name, signature and address) prior to the ballot being viewed.  

Understanding The Process 
The attached document illustrates the path your ballot takes in a by-mail election. 

Will you be away from home during an Election?

Any registered voter in Davis County may request a by mail ballot be sent to an address different than their home address. This is an ideal option for voters who will be away from home during the election. You may download the form by clicking here: Alternate Address Request Form

Military & Overseas

Thank you for taking part in elections while you are in the military or other uniformed service, or a civilian living outside the United States.

Military/Uniformed Service Members and US citizens living overseas are eligible to register to vote and request an absentee ballot.

In order to vote you must complete a Federal Post Card Application (FPCA). An FPCA must be filed with the County Clerk for each federal general election. The FPCA may be downloaded or you may visit the Voting Assistance Office of any military base or American Embassy/Consulate office and ask for the form.

To ensure our military and overseas citizens have the opportunity to vote, Utah is participating in the federal electronic voting program to provide the option for these voters to have their ballot transmitted electronically.

The FPCA may be filed by mail:

Davis County Clerk
P.O. Box 618
Farmington, UT 84025

Or by email to:


Frequently Asked Questions

The document will help answer other frequently asked questions. Please contact our office if we can be of further assistance. Call us at (801) 451-3213.