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Adoption Prices

The cost of sterilization surgery, vaccinations, and general care continues to rise.  The adoption cost at animal care of Davis County currently includes the cost of Spay/Neuter and also the first year of licensing. 

Animal TypePrice
Dog (Aged 6mos or Older)$100.00
Dog (Aged 6mos or Younger)$175.00

Cat (Aged 6mos or Older)

Cat (Aged 6mos or Younger)$55.00
Small Animal (Guinea Pig, Rabbit, Hamster, Mice)$25.00
Exotic Animal (Bird, Snake, Ferrett, Sugar Glider etc.)$50.00

Animal Impounding and Associated Services Fees

The costs of boarding and caring for animals upon impound continues to rise for this reason and others the impound fees for animals at the shelter is increasing.  Please note that at this time, the daily rate for board (for impounded animals) has not changed.  Animal Care of Davis County does not currently provide public boarding services.

Fee ItemNew Fee
Boarding Fees 
Daily Domestic Board - Domestic$15.00
Daily Domestic Board - Livestock$30.00
Impounding Fees 
1st Impound$45.00

2nd Impound

3rd Impound$180.00
Impound of livestock (During Regular Operation Hours)$80.00
Impound of livestock (Outside Regular Operation Hours)$100.00
Impound of a Dog Previously Deemed Dangerous or Potentially Dangerous$250.00
Running At-Large Fines 
Running at Large - 1st Offense$50.00
Running at Large - 2nd Offense$100.00
Running at Large - 3rd Offense$150.00

Medical Services

Animal Care of Davis County encourages pet owners to help their pets stay up-to-date on annual vaccinations.  This should not be considered a substitute for regular veterinary visits. Our desire for a community of vaccinated and microchipped animals has led to the change in the cost of administration of these services.  Due to the steep price drop there will no longer be a discount for purchasing more than one vaccination or service at a time.

Service TypePrice
Single Vaccine$12.00

Licensing Fees

Animal Care of Davis County is simplifying its licensing options.  ALL licenses will be sold with a maximum duration of 1-year.  3-year licenses will ONLY be available if the animal is spayed/neutered and microchipped.  Proof of alteration and microchip will be required in order to receive a 3 year license.

License TypeCost
One-Year Unsterilized $40.00
One-Year Sterilized and Microchipped$15.00
One-Year Unsterilized$15.00

One-Year Sterilized and Microchipped

3 Year License for Spayed/Neuter and Microchipped Pets 
Senior Life Time Licenses (For Citizens 60 years or Older) 
Senior Lifetime Dog License (Must be sterilized and microchipped)$25.00
Senior Lifetime Cat License (Must be sterilized and microchipped)$10.00
Supplemental Fees 
License Transfer Fee$5.00
Late Renewal Fee (Applied to any license more than 30 calendar days late.)$25.00
Replacement Tag$6.00
Kennel License Fee$150.00

Owner Surrender and Euthanasia Services Fees

Service TypeCost
Shelter Surrender and Euthanasia Services (Performed at the Shelter) 
Owner Surrender (ANY Breed)$45.00
Euthanasia (Includes Disposal if Desired)$50.00
Field Surrender and Euthanasia Services (Performed by and Animal Control Officer in the Field)  
Field Surrender$50.00
Euthanasia w/Field Pick-Up$100.00
Pick up of Owned and Deceased Animals$50.00


The Davis County Code of Ordinances contains the laws of Davis County. Refer to Title 6 to review the Animal ordinances. 

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