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  • M-F 8am to 5pm

Achievement Award 2023

Davis County Pretrial Services has been awarded the 2023 NACo Achievement Award Winner by the National Association of Counties. Thank you for all your hard work.

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2023_NACo_AchievementAwards Winner

Maximizing Liberty

Maximizing Court Appearance

Maximizing Public Safety

Pretrial Does:
  • Help ensure that appropriate pretrial defendants are released from jail as quickly as possible.
  • Send text and email reminders to defendants with notification of upcoming court dates & check-in appointments.
  • Monitor all court-ordered release conditions such as regular contact, court attendance, new charges or arrests.
  • Report non-compliance to the court.
  • Provide support to defendants & make referrals to community social service providers as necessary.
Pretrial Doesn't:
  • Arrest defendants
  • Conduct home visits
  • Contact employers or schools
  • Administer in-office drug testing
  • Perform searches

Contact Information

Pretrial Services is located inside the Layton Second District Court. Due to Covid-19, in-person office visits are suspended until further notice. Please contact our office to schedule a virtual or phone appointment.

Our Mission

To promote pretrial justice in Davis County by assisting in judicial pretrial release decisions and endorsing least restrictive conditions consistent with court appearance and community safety.

Core Functions

  • Conduct pretrial risk assessments and provide judicial officers with appropriate pretrial release options.
  • Provide community supervision based on risk and effective use of evidence-based practices.
  • Reasonably assure defendant’s return to court by providing notification of upcoming court dates and applying supervision strategies aimed at public safety.
  • Support interventions that reduce the likelihood of criminal behavior.

Guiding Principles

  • The presumption of innocence
  • Non-financial conditions of release
  • Least restrictive conditions to reasonably assure court appearance and public safety.
  • Respect, integrity, and professionalism

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