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County Clerks are authorized by statute to issue marriage licenses in the State of Utah.

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First Name  
Last/Maiden Name  

Application Requirements

  • Both applicants must be present to apply
  • Must be at least 18 years of age
  • Must present valid picture ID
Information Required
  • Full names, including names at birth if different than current name
  • Social Security numbers
  • Permanent addresses
  • Date and place of birth (Town/City, County, State or Country)
  • Complete names of parents, including the maiden name of the mother
  • Birthplaces of parents (State or Country)
  • If this is a 2nd, 3rd, etc. marriage due to divorce, on the application you must provide a date that the divorce from a previous marriage was final. If the divorce was finalized within the last 6 months, you must bring court documents showing the divorce is final.

Minors ages 16-17
Must appear accompanied by parents or legal guardians. In the case of divorced parents, the parent must provide proof of guardianship (court papers) that will be attached to the application. A Petition for Authorization to Marry and Court Order form must be obtained from the Clerk/Auditor's office and taken to a juvenile court judge.

Who is Authorized to Perform Ceremonies

Marriages may be solemnized by the following persons only: ministers, rabbis, or priests of any religious denomination who are in regular communion with any religious society and 18 years of age or older; native american spiritual advisers; the Governor; the Lieutenant Governor; mayors of municipalities or county executives (including county commissioners); a justice, judge, or commissioner of a court of record; a judge of a court not of record of the State; judges or magistrates of the United States; the county clerk of any county in the State or the clerk's designee; the President of the Senate; the Speaker of the House of Representatives; or a judge or magistrate who holds office in Utah when retired, under rules set by the Supreme Court (Utah Code 30-1-6)

Would you like someone special to perform your ceremony?

The County Clerk can designate, and authorize, an individual of your choosing to be your officiator.  This designation is specific for your ceremony. There is no cost for this service. For more details, ask our staff about a single ceremony designee. 

License Fees

$50.00 - for license (includes 2 certified copies)
$5.00 - for each additional certified copy
$2.00 - for basic photocopy

Contact Information

Physical Address
Davis County Admin Building
Clerk’s Office (Room 104)
61 South Main Street
Farmington, UT 84025

Mailing Address
Davis County Clerk/Auditor
P.O. Box 618
Farmington, UT 84025

Phone Numbers
(801) 451-3218 - Marriage License Questions
(801) 451-3228 - TDD
(801) 451-3421 - Fax

Office Hours
Monday - Friday
8am to 5pm (except county holidays)
Christmas Eve and New Years Eve Closed at 2pm

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