Silly Stories

by Carolyn Myers | Apr 13, 2021

Select 2-3 books to read together.

Find some silly stories at home, use our online catalog to find books to pickup from the library, or explore our digital picture book collection.

Our children's librarians recommend:

The Lumberjack’s Beard by Beedie

Stuck by Jeffers

The Legend of Rock Paper Scissors by Daywalt

Llama Destroys the World by Stutzman

We Don't Eat Our Classmates by Higgins

Chickens to the Rescue by Himmelman


Learn a song or fingerplay.

Old McDonald Had a Farm (silly version)

Sing the song, but add in unusual animals (example: lion, bear, etc.) Or sing with the animals making different sounds, like a cow that says “oink oink.”


Try an activity.

Tell jokes to each other. When someone tells a joke, everyone laughs really hard with their silliest laugh. You could also do different laughs, like robot-style, deep/high voice, etc. You can get a joke book at the library or use some of these: “Knock knock. Who’s there? Burglar. Burglar who? Burglars don’t knock.” “Knock knock. Who’s there? Who. Who who? You sound like an owl!

Make a craft.

Supplies:  Crayons, colored pencils or markers, scissors, stapler, a printed copy of the Silly Story Book.

Follow the instructions in the printout to create your own silly stories!