by Carolyn Myers | Apr 29, 2022


Select 2-3 books to read together.

Find some books about birds at home, use our online catalog to find books to pickup from the library, or explore our digital picture book collection.

Our children's librarians recommend:

I Spy in the Sky by Edward Gibbs
Mama Built a Little Nest by Jennifer Ward
Birds by Kevin Henkes
A House for Birdie by Stuart Murphy
My Spring Robin by Anne Rockwell

Learn a Song or Action Rhyme.

Action Rhyme: “Little Birds”

Little birds, little birds, jump up and down
Little birds, little birds, don’t make a sound
Little birds, little birds, tip-toe to me
Little birds, little birds, bend your knees
Little birds, little birds, peep, peep, peep
Little birds, little birds, sleep, sleep, sleep
Little birds, little birds, fly to the leaves
Little birds, little birds, sit down please

Try an activity.

Activity: Feed the Baby Birds
Needed: Clothespins, Pipe cleaners, Optional - pictures of birds or toy birds.
To play: Twist the pipe cleaners around your finger to make a curly shape. The clothespin is the "mama bird" - decorate if you want to. Have your child fly the mama bird around, picking up worms with the clothespin to feed to the baby bird. This is a great game to strengthen hand muscles, and can also be a fun sorting and color identification game.

Try a craft.

Supplies needed:

Paper Bag Bird Puppet: Lunch-size paper bag, white paper (optional - orange paper), crayons, glue stick, scissors. Optional: Googly eyes, feathers

Cut a circle to size, color and decorate for the bird's face. Glue to the bottom of the flattened lunch sack. Cut two triangles out of orange paper to make the bird's beak. Glue into place. Color the rest of the bag for the bird's body, decorating with craft feathers, crayons or feathers cut out of paper.