by Carolyn Myers | Apr 29, 2022


Select 2-3 books to read together.

Find some books about butterflies at home,  or use our online catalog to find books to pick up from the library, or explore our digital picture book collection.

Our children's librarian's recommend:

Don't Worry Bear by Foley

Waiting for Wings by Ehlert

Elmer and the Butterfly by McKee

Bonjour Butterfly by O'Connor

Some Bugs by DiTerlizzi

Learn a Song

Two little butterflies sitting on a hill
One name Jack (hold up one finger), one name Jill (hold up another finger)
Fly away Jack (put first finger down), Fly away Jill (put 2nd finger down)
Come back Jack, (hold finger up)Come back Jill (hold 2nd finger up)

Other verses:
Two little butterflies sitting on a cloud
(whisper) One named Soft (hold up one finger),
(yell) one named Loud (hold up 2nd finger)
Fly away Soft …

Two little butterflies sitting on a stick
(speak slowly) One named Slow (hold up one finger)
(speak quickly) One named quick (hold up 2nd finger
Fly away Slow…

Two little butterflies sitting in the sky
One named Low (hold finger down low)
One named High (hold finger up high)
Fly away Low …


Try This Activity

Go outside and look for butterflies and bugs. Are there flowers or other plants in your yard that a butterfly might like? If you don’t find any bugs, where do you think they might be?