Cinco de Mayo

by Carolyn Myers | Apr 29, 2022

Select 2-3 books to read together.

Find some books about subject at home, use our online catalog to find books to pickup from the library, or explore our digital picture book collection.

Our children's librarians recommend:

One is a Pinata by Rosanne Thong

Cinco de Mouse-o by Judy Cox

Celebrate! it's Cinco de Mayo by Janice Levy

Learn a song or fingerplay.

"Cinco de Mayo" means "The Fifth of May" in Spanish.

Let's learn to count to five in Spanish: Uno= 1, Dos = 2, Tres = 3, Quatro =4, Cinco = 5


Make a craft.

Supplies: paper bag, string, crayons or markers, stickers, candy.

Make your own pinata. Decorate a paper bag, then fill with candy. Tie the bag shut with string or a piece yarn. Ask an adult to help you hang the pinata from a tree branch. Try hitting the pinata with a baseball bat or a stick to break it open.