Cards and Accounts

by Paul Astin | Oct 24, 2016

Library Cards & Accounts

  • Library cards are issued to residents of Davis County with appropriate identification. We require two forms of ID: One picture identification, and one showing a current address in Davis (or Weber) county. These must be two separate forms.
  • Davis County residents with appropriate identification may also obtain a Weber County Library card at no cost because of our cooperative checkout agreement with Weber County Library.
  • You must bring a library card to checkout items. You may also sign a permission slip which will allow you to use your Utah driver's license or Utah state ID card as a library card for checking out.
  • Utah residents outside of Davis and Weber County may be issued cards for a $65.00 annual fee.
  • Report lost cards immediately.  Lost cards may be replaced for $1.00.
  • Patrons are responsible for all items checked out on the card.
  • Checkout privileges can be canceled by contacting the Library.

Children's Account Options

Davis Country Library offers parents and guardians more checkout options for their minor children. Parents and guardians may pick one of the following limit options for their minor children:

Checkout of:

  • Children’s collections materials ONLY.
  • All materials EXCEPT audio books, videos, and DVDs from the Adult Collection.
  • All materials EXCEPT videos or DVDs from the Adult Collection.
  • All materials EXCEPT R rated or unrated foreign videos and DVDs.
  • ALL CIRCULATING MATERIALS owned by the Library.
  • Parents and guardians may also choose a total checkout maximum of 10 items OR 35 items.
  • Parents and guardians may choose to alter the limitations for their minor children at any time at no charge.