Search for Items

by Paul Astin | Oct 24, 2016

Where to Search

You can search our collection from anywhere on our website.

  • Home Page: On our homepage, you can search by clicking the magnifying glass labeled "Search: Library Catalog." This will bring up a box with a search bar; enter your search term and click "Search."
  • Catalog: If you are already in our catalog, you will see a search bar at the top of the page.

  • Anywhere: You can search from anywhere else on our website by looking for the search bar in the upper right hand corner or the link to our catalog on the left navigation panel.

Which Branches Have It?

Once you have found a title you want, you can click on the title to see which branches have a copy.

You will first see a page showing a list of titles; this page will show you how many copies are available in the system, but will not show you where those copies are.

You will need to click the title to get more information. This will include a list of which branches have copies. Look under "Status": if a branch's copy is checked out, it will give a due date; if it is checked in and available, the item's shelf location will be listed as its status.

In the example pictured above, the copies at Centerville, Layton, and Farmington are checked out; the copies at Kaysville, Syracuse, and Bountiful are checked in and available.

Narrowing your Search

When searching from our catalog, you have several options for narrowing your search to cut out items you aren't interested in.


1 - Collection: The first dropdown menu lets you narrow by collection and format. For example, use this if you are looking specifically for eBooks, DVDs, children's items, or large print items.

2 - Catalog: The second dropdown menu lets you narrow by title, author, subject, series, or other information about an item's catalog entry.

Additional Options

3 - After you have searched for an item, you can further narrow the results by using the additional options on the left panel labeled "Limit Search Results." The options include narrowing by library, author, subject, various formats, publishing date, age group, and others.

- Click "Only Show Available" to show only items that are checked in and available for checkout.

- Below that are the full list of options. To use an option, check the boxes and then either press "Include" to look for items matching those boxes or "Exclude" to remove items matching those boxes from your results.

- Be sure you press the Include/Exclude that is directly to the right of the name of the option. For example, if you want books only at a specific library, look for the boxes just to the right of where it says "Library." If you click Include or Exclude right below the "More" and "View All" links of the option you want, you have gone too far.

-Click "More" and "View All" to get more search terms.

-Note: When you do a new search by pressing the "Search" button at the top of the page, limiter options from this section will be cleared away. Be sure you get the search terms you want before you begin using the left panel to narrow your results.

Advanced Search

4 - Click on "Advanced Search" to get another method of narrowing your search. This allows you to use multiple search terms, include or exclude search terms, and uses most options from the first two dropdown menus. Fill in all boxes of options you want to use, make sure the button is set to "Find" or "Don't Show" on the options you are using, and click "Advanced Search" at the bottom of the screen. If you don't want to use a particular search option, just leave it blank.

For example, if you wanted to find films by Touchstone Pictures and wanted something you could take home today, put "Touchstone" in the "Find items that have all these words:" box, change the Library dropdown to your local branch, and check the "Only show available" and "DVDs" boxes.