Navigating the Library Website

by Paul Astin | Dec 14, 2016

General Navigation

Booklist Page Screenshot

Most pages on the library website have the same or similar layout to help  make navigating the site easy and familiar.
  1. County Navigation Topbar: At the top of every page is a gray bar with links to Davis County websites. This will take you from the library to other county departments. The search bar will also provide results for the entire county website, not just the library. On a small window or a mobile device, this bar may disappear.
  2. Library Navigation Topbar: Beneath the county navigation is a dark blue navigation bar with links to pages on the library website. Click the Davis County Library icon on the left to return to the library home page from any page on our site. On a small window or a mobile device, this bar may shrink to a dropdown menu of all library sites. (List of options with link to their own section?)
  3. Library Navigation Sidebar: If you're looking to explore library items or get further help, this sidebar has links to pages divided by format (depending on whether you want to Read, Watch, or Listen to your library materials) or by focus on age group (Kids, Teens). It also has a link to our How Do I? page explaining how to use our website and links to the library's social media outlets.
  4. Catalog Search: Most pages on the library website have this box sitting beneath the navigation topbars toward the right side of the screen. Enter a search term and hit the magnifying glass; you will be taken to our catalog to see the results.
  5. Google Translate: Most library pages have this dropdown menu in the lower-right hand corner of the screen. From here you can pick a language to translate our website into using Google Translate. Please be aware that this is an automatic translation, and may be imperfect. Click the question mark next to the dropdown menu for more information.