About Us Page

by Paul Astin | Dec 14, 2016

About Us

You will see the county and library navigation bars at the top of this page; read about navigating our website for more information on using these. To reach these subpages, hover over the drop down menu from About Us on this library navigation bar.

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The About Us page has information about the library and our leadership, history, policies, and other related information. Our About Us page is split into several different subpages.

About Us: Information about the library and the administration and current library board of directors, including contact information and service length.

Contact Us: See the Contact Us help page for further information.

Disclaimer: Privacy information regarding use of our online services.

Employment: Information on seeking employment with the library. 

Volunteer: Contact information for volunteering at the library.

Public Internet: Information on using our public access internet computers and wifi. This page is divided into three tabs for orderly viewing: Basic Information, Public Internet Access Policy, and Appropriate Use of Public Internet. Click each tab to open it. Basic Information contains distilled practical information on accessing the computers, time limits, printing costs, and other relevant basics. Public Internet Access Policy and Appropriate Use of Public Internet contain additional in-depth information on library policy and legalities.

History: A timeline of events in our library system's history.