eResources Page

by Paul Astin | Dec 14, 2016


EResources are websites, databases, and search engines from around the internet. Some of these are publicly available resources the library chose to gather and highlight for convenience; others are paid services to which the library maintains a subscription, allowing our patrons free access with their library card.

You will see the county and library navigation bars at the top of this page; read about navigating our website for more information on using these. eResource content will follow below those navigation bars.

  1. Quick Links: Our eResources are divided into topic; click an eResource label to be taken to that section.
  2. Library Card Required: Some eResources, marked with this library card icon, will require you to log in with your library card number and/or PIN to use the service. These are services which the library pays for access for our patrons. Type in your entire library card number with no spaces. Your PIN defaults to the last four digits of the phone number you gave the library; see here for more information about your PIN.
  3. EResources: Each resource has its own thumbnail icon and link; click to follow the link.