Locations Page

by Paul Astin | Dec 14, 2016


This page has a list of all our library branches along with a map, addresses, and phone numbers for each branch.

You will see the county and library navigation bars at the top of this page; read about navigating our website for more information on using these.


  1. Map: This page uses Google Maps to show the locations of all libraries in our system. Click and hold the left mouse button on the map to drag the map, and use the mouse wheel to zoom and out. Clicking on one of the red pins will bring up an information box for that particular library.
  2. Library Map Shortcuts: Click on any library on the gray bar along the bottom of the map to highlight that library just as if you'd clicked on its red location pin.
  3. Get Directions: Once you have highlighted a library, you can click Get Directions to be taken to a Google Maps page where you can get step-by-step directions on reaching the library.
  4. Library Listing: Beneath the map is a listing of all libraries in our system, with addresses and phone numbers. Click on the library name to be taken to a branch's own page, containing a picture of the library and extra information on the collection, history, and facilities of each library.