Recommended Audiobooks

by Paul Astin | Oct 06, 2016

Bull Mountain by Brian Panowich

From bootleg whiskey to meth, the Burroughs family had ruled the drug trade in Georgia.  The family didn’t hesitate to do what had to be done to protect the business, including murder.  Clayton Burroughs had walked away from the business and the family and is now a Sheriff.  There is an uneasy truce between Clayton, and the rest of the Burroughs until a F.B.I. agent, Simon Holly, walks into the sheriff’s office to ask for assistance.  This Southern Noir will keep you riveted through the last disc.  Available on CD and OneClickdigital.
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LongbournLongbourn by Jo Baker


Austen lovers will have plenty to think about after listening to this retelling of Pride and Prejudice from the servants’ point of view.  The Bennett girls rarely consider what it takes to clean their boots and wash their dresses after those dusty walks to town.  Wickham is creepier in this version, sneaking around the kitchen and enticing a young maid at the same time he’s flirting with the Bennett sisters.  Mr. Bennett has his own secret.  Emma Fielding’s narration is spot-on.  Male voices are believable, class distinctions apparent, and the tone just right for the scene being read.  Available from Overdrive.
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StationElevenStation Eleven by Emily St. John Mandel


Rarely do we get a novel that realistically portrays the long-term effect of a major catastrophe.  A pandemic sweeps the planet leaving the few survivors without any of the conveniences of the digital age.  The novel begins fifteen years after the catastrophe.  Anything that can be scavenged has been scavenged.  There is no electricity, no antibiotics, no newspapers, no delivery systems for goods and services.  Travel on what’s left of the roads can be dangerous.  Five characters met fifteen years earlier at a production of King Lear.  We follow their paths in this uncharted America: an actor who has a heart attack on stage and dies, the man who tries to save him, the actor’s first wife, a child actress in the production, and his best friend.  A brilliant novel.  Available on Overdrive and CD.
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 Legend by Eric Blehm


The mission to rescue a Special Forces team during the Vietnam War including Medal of Honor recipient Roy Benavidez is so compelling, you may miss your freeway exitAvailable on Overdrive and CD.
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American Sniper by Chris Kyle and
American Wife by Taya Kyle (read by her)

Get both sides of the American Sniper story, one by Chris Kyle and the other by Taya Kyle, his wife.  American Sniper is available on Overdrive and CD; American Wife is available on CD.
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MrsLincolnsDressmaker Mrs. Lincoln's Dressmaker by Jennifer Chiaverini

Based on actual memoirs, a former slave uses her talent for fashion design to establish her business and catches the attention of President Lincoln’s wife.  She becomes a confidante during the last tragic year ending with his assassination and Mrs. Lincoln’s life after.  In depth historical and personal novel.  Available on OneClickdigital and CD.
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Life after Life by Kate Atkinson

Ursula Todd is born in England in 1910 and promptly dies.  Then she is born again on the same night.  And again until she survives.  Ursula’s life from 1910 through the century repeats chances to live and make changes for the better.  To make up for mistakes and perhaps, to change history.  Available on Overdrive only.
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