Welcome To Haven Point, Idaho, Where Love Is in The Air!

by Paul Astin | Oct 06, 2016
SnowAngelSnow Angel Cove, Haven Point book 1
Eliza and her daughter came to Haven Point to manage an inn, except it just burned down. As they cross the street to eat and discuss their options a car comes sliding out of control and hits Eliza.

The driver, Aiden Caine, fears for the woman he just hit and hires her to help manage the twenty family members he has arriving for Christmas in a few weeks. 

Can the joy of the season bring love to two lonely hearts?

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RedemptionBay Redemption Bay, Haven Point book 2
Ben Kilpatrick, former town resident and home owner, is back in town to do some research for Aiden Caine. Ben 'burned' many 'bridges' before leaving town and doesn't want to be back. Ben and Aiden started Caine Tech and need to build a new facility.

McKenzie Shaw is the new mayor and is determined to see the new facility built in town. Can McKenzie help Ben heal and assist the town while she is at it?

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EvergreenSpringsEvergreen Springs, Haven Point book 3
When Cole Barrett's pregnant sister sprains her ankle, he takes her to the hospital. Devin Shaw is the doctor on duty and ends up admitting his sister who is pregnant with twins.

Devin enlists the help of some of her friends when she sees a way to help Cole's children, who have recently lost their mother. The more she helps the more attached she becomes to Cole and the children. Can they help each other into a happy future together?

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RiverbendRoadRiverbend Road, Haven Point book 4
Police officer, Wyn Bailey, has had a crush on Cade Emmett, Chief of Police, as long as he has been her brother's best friend. He is attracted to Wyn but keeps things strictly business. Will he allow his feelings to surface when Wyn is wounded in the line of duty?

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