You Don’t Have to Choose, You Can Binge Watch and Binge Read

by Paul Astin | Oct 06, 2016
XFiles  The X Files (Television Series)
The truth is out there.  Mulder and Scully, two F.B.I. agents are looking for answers for unexplained cases.  Mulder looks for extraterrestrial answers and Scully is looking for scientific proof.  Start at Season One and follow each week’s case, but at the same time, follow the story arcs of false leads, cover-ups, and strange contacts that link the episodes together. The lasting appeal of this series is that it isn’t just Science Fiction.  There is mystery, intrigue, a little horror, and in the end it’s quite romantic.  
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Pickett  Joe Pickett Series (Adult Fiction) by C.J. Box Wyoming game warden, Joe Pickett feels strongly about two things, his family and protecting the fish and wildlife of Wyoming.  Unfortunately other people’s feelings about insurrection, murder, drugs, and the use of drones often get in the way.  The land is as much a character in these novels as his wife Mary Beth, his girls, and his best friend, falconer and anarchist, Nate Romanowski. Every once-in-awhile, the governor calls in with a job, he doesn’t want anyone else to know about. Start with Open Season and you’ll end up spending the week-end in Wyoming without leaving the backyard.  If you like audiobooks, check the catalog for both Books on CD and electronic versions.
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Longmire (Television Series)
Originally on A&E and then picked up by Netflix, Longmire is based on the novels of Craig Johnson.  Walt Longmire is the Sheriff of Absaroka County, Wyoming.  His approach to law enforcement is similar to the Joe Pickett series, be honest and don’t talk it to death.   Walt’s county is next to the Cheyenne Nation and several of the plot lines revolve around tribal affairs and working with tribal officers. Seasons one through three are available, and holds can be placed on Season 4, which is coming out soon.  The Walt Longmire novels are also available in both print and in audio versions.
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InTheGarden  In the Garden Trilogy (Adult Fiction) by Nora Roberts
One of several trilogies that Nora Roberts has written over the years, the In the Garden Trilogy, consists of the Blue Dahlia, The Black Rose, and The Red Lily.  It is a particularly good binge read because it contains the key elements that keep you reading and wanting more, an old Southern mansion, a ghost that is getting progressively more violent, romance, and strong heroines willing to do whatever it takes to protect their families and friends.  If only I could get my plants to grow that well. This trilogy is available in audio versions. 
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Once Upon a Time (Television Series)

One visit to Storybrooke is never enough and the library has five seasons to enjoy.
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Ask your librarian about other great titles to binge watch and read.