World War I in Drama and Documentary

by Paul Astin | Jan 18, 2017


 wings Wings
by William Augustus Wellman
Filmed less than a decade after the war, this silent film won the first Academy Award ever presented. Two young Americans from the same small town become combat pilots. The film climaxes with the great air battle of Saint-Mihiel. For its time, the aerial footage is amazing. It took 10 days and 3500 soldiers and 300 pilots from the U. S. Army Air Corps.
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 BlueMax Blue Max
by John Guillermin
A young German soldier looks up from the trenches and sees an airplane flying above him. Becoming a pilot becomes his obsession.
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JoyeuxNoelJoyeux Noel (Merry Christmas)
by Christian Carion
The famous 1914 Christmas Eve truce is dramatized in this widely acclaimed French film.
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 Gallipoli Gallipoli by Peter Weir
This Austrlian film tells the story of two patriotic young soldiers (Mel Gibson and Mark Lee) who find themselves in a battle against the Turks that is impossible to win.
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LawrenceOfArabiaLawrence of Arabia by David Lean
David Lean's sweeping biography of T.E. Lawrence and his efforts to unite Arab tribes against the Turks. Peter O'Toole's performance was Academy Award winning.
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AllQuietAll Quiet on the Western Front
by Erich Maria Remarque
Regardless of the side, war is brutal. Based on the book by Remarque, this story  of German school boys thrown into the trenches with rats as big as cats and little hope of survival .  Lew Ayres won the Academy Award for best picture in 1930 and is included in the National Registry.
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Last Voices of World War I
by Richard van Emden
Someone had the great sense to film the oral histories of the last surviving British soldiers in World War I. At the time of the filming two of the soldiers were the oldest men alive at 111 and 113. To better understand their experiences historical film and reenactment are used in this six part documentary.
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WW1InColorWorld War I in Color
Narrated by Kenneth Branaugh
This documentary includes some rare color footage as well as other clippings gathered from several sources to give viewers the reality of World War I in Britain and on the battlefields of Europe.
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ZepplinZeppelin Terror Attack by PBS
In the early days of the war, the Germans launched terrorist attacks by bombing British civilians from Zeppelins in order to break their morale.
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