Wild, Wicked Scot

by Joshua Johnson | Aug 17, 2017
Travel back to the 1700’s Scottish Highlands in Julia London’s Wild Wicked Scot - the first title in the Highland Grooms Series.

wild wicked scot cover image
In Wild Wicked Scot, Miss Margot Armstrong is just 17 when her father tells her she is marrying a man she just met. Expecting to marry and Englishman and one she esteems, Margot is not prepared to live with a man she does not know in a castle in the Scottish highlands. After four months of crying and feeling alone while surrounded by people, she leaves her husband and returns to her father. Three years later her father sends her back to her husband.

Laird Arran McKenzie fell in love with Margot when he first set eyes on her in her father’s ballroom. Their first few months of marriage are tumultuous, but he is still stunned when Margot leaves him. After three years, he is equally surprised to see her return. Margot has returned because her father says Arran may be a traitor to the English crown and she is to find out one way or another. Arran has also heard the rumors and eventually they confront each other about it. Can Arran and Margot clear his name and also find love and happiness?