The Hero and the Protector

by Joshua Johnson | Sep 04, 2017

The Sons of Texas series, by Donna Grant, introduces the reader to the Loughman brothers. All three are active duty military and are pulled off missions to come home because their aunt and uncle have been killed and their father, a retired Navy SEAL, is missing. Wyatt, the oldest, is in the Army’s Delta Force, Owen is a Navy SEAL, and Cullen, the youngest, is in the Marines’ Force Recon. Callie Reed, who grew up on the ranch, and Natalie Dixon, Owens’ former sweetheart, arrived with more information about what led up to the kidnapping. All of them, plus Mia Carter a pilot who has worked for Orrin, must work together to help solve the question of who killed Virgil and Charlotte and kidnapped Orrin.

Hero CoverThe Hero is the first book in the series and has Natalie and Owen working closely to investigate Orrin’s kidnapping from Dover Air Force Base. Orrin, and his team, stole a bioweapon from the Russian government. They stay at the ranch while trying to figure out whom in the Russian government took Orrin, who are “the Saints”, and what is Ragnarok?

Protector coverAt the same time, in the second book, The Protector, Mia and Cullen work the same questions from a different angle. They are in place at Dover AFB and are working to discover how the Russians got on the base and following leads to the secret organization, the Saints. In both books, each couple must fight for their lives while trying to uncover the truth. Can they find love too?
Legend coverThe third book, The Legend, with Callie and Wyatt finishes off the series.