Science Fiction, Assimilating Every Genre

by Paul Astin | Sep 11, 2017
Science fiction is as adaptable as it is imaginative. From thoughtful to adventurous, from comedic to desperate, these four novels blend science fiction with a range of other genres and tones.

by John Scalzi
Crossover genre: Satire and Comedy

The junior crew of the starship Intrepid is a beleaguered bunch; even though they're perfectly competent, their casualty rate mysteriously skyrockets on any mission with a senior officer attending. Wild theories for the redshirts' death toll fly thick, and xenobiologist Andrew Dahl must uncover the plot - before his own string of near misses turns lethal. Whether you're new to scifi or a longtime Trekkie, this Hugo-winning satire offers comedy and intrigue in equal measure.
martianThe Martian
by Andy Weir
Crossover genre: Survival

"Six days ago, astronaut Mark Watney became one of the first people to walk on Mars. Now, he's sure he'll be the first person to die there."
Astronaut Mark Watney is stranded alone on Mars. In order to survive the most hostile environment a human has ever been lost in, he'll need to draw on every last bit of his engineering ingenuity and the endurance of the human spirit.
by Michael Crichton
Crossover genre: Psychological thriller

A spacecraft has been discovered at the bottom of the Pacific Ocean, made with technology far beyond ours and giving no clue how it arrived. Sealed in an underwater laboratory, a team of scientists must discover the answers hiding in the enigmatic, extraterrestrial sphere they discover in the craft's cargo holds. But first, they have to survive impossible sea creatures, their own team suspicions, and the powerful, temperamental being that contacts them from the sphere.
DeathTroopersStar Wars: Death Troopers
by Joe Schreiber
Crossover genre: Zombie Horror

When an Imperial prison barge carrying five hundred of the galaxy's most dangerous criminals breaks down in remote space, the crew looks for salvation in salvaging a nearby drifting Star Destroyer. But they find a horrific disease that slaughtered the Star Destroyer crew - and left the dead ravenous. Now the remaining half-dozen crew and prisoners from the prison barge must do everything they can to survive, enduring zombies, disease, and their own strife in the deepest isolation of space.