Gardening Basics in Utah

by Ellen Peterson | May 12, 2021

The Ultimate Gardening Guide : Utah State University's Guide to Common Gardening Questions
by Katie Wagner

Grow your garden skills with expert advice and proven techniques! This easy-to-use book brings you a bounty of tips and tricks so you're guaranteed a green thumb, even if you've never sown a seed before. Learn how to maximize your space, keep your plants thriving, and save yourself time and money as you plant your way to the garden you've always dreamed of growing.

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Water-Smart Gardening
by Diana Maranhao

Some great tools to create a water-smart landscape and garden. Choose water-smart plants that survive and even thrive in low-water situations. Creating a water-efficient garden can even be as simple as designing your landscape to harvest as much rainfall as possible, using berms, terraces, and raised beds.

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Native Plants for High-Elevation Western Gardens
by Janice Busco

Find what plants grow best here in Utah. Includes lots of information and colorful pictures.

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